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About the city
Map Girona

Country: Spain

Local time: 16:30:43 (26.02.2024)

Currency: EUR

Girona is a cozy, colorful city that is the heart of Northern Catalonia. Girona stands at the confluence of four rivers: Ter, Oñar, Galligants and Guell. This city has a whole selection of museums, galleries and Gothic churches that surround cobblestone streets and medieval walls. Art Nouveau mansions, beautiful Romanesque and Gothic buildings, an atmospheric Jewish quarter, colorful terracotta facades of residential buildings shimmering in the reflection of the river - the splendor of the city endlessly delights and fascinates travelers. You can get here by various means of transportation, but it is better to take the bus to Girona.

Travelers who come here for the first time need to do a few things:

          • find something exquisite at the flea market near the Stone Bridge;

          • count an even number of steps on the stairs of the Cathedral;

          • admire the magnificent tapestry "Creation of the World" in the Cathedral Museum;

          • see the Old Town from the fortress walls.

Girona attracts tourists with its well-preserved medieval buildings and numerous architectural masterpieces. Walking through the narrow streets of the historic center, you can easily travel back several centuries and feel the atmosphere of the ancient city. Guests from neighboring cities often come here by taking the Barcelona-Girona bus, Madrid-Girona bus, etc. To have time to enjoy all the sights of the city, plan your tourist route in advance.

Bus schedule to Girona

This is an incredibly charming, interesting and unique city, one of the oldest and noblest in Spain. Girona is called the real gateway to the resorts of the Costa Brava. Here you can find interesting historical sights at every turn, so a trip to this city will satisfy even the most demanding traveler. You can book a bus ticket to Girona online on the INFOBUS website. Fans of Game of Thrones may recognize the streets of the city, as part of the 6th season of the series was filmed here, namely the legendary city of Braavos. Walking through the streets of Girona, you get the impression that you are in the last century, because every street is imbued with the spirit of the Middle Ages.

The first mention of a settlement in what is now Girona dates back to the third millennium BC. It was a fortress on the road to Gaul, founded by the ancient Romans. Throughout its history, Girona has been besieged 25 times, passed from Spain to France several times, but after being liberated from Napoleon's French army, the city became the capital of the Spanish district of Girona and turned into a popular tourist center in Spain. There are regular tourist and bus routes from here, such as the Girona-Barcelona bus, Girona-Lloret de Mar bus, etc. The ideal time to walk around Girona is May, when the whole city turns into a blooming, fragrant garden. At the beginning of the month, a magnificent Flower Festival is held here, bringing together the best florists from all over Spain.

Bus tickets to Girona are bought, it's time to get to know the city better

As soon as the bus to Girona arrives, sign up for excursions, there are many guides and tourist centers in the city, so an interesting cultural program is guaranteed. Visitors to the city should definitely see the Gothic cathedral of Girona, which is perhaps the most famous landmark in the city. There is another powerful fortress from the past here - Forsa Vella, built by the Romans in the first century B.C. Nearby is the Jewish Quarter, one of the city's most symbolic districts. It consists of a maze of narrow streets and courtyards that have retained their medieval atmosphere.

The city walls are a continuation of the Roman walls of the Middle Ages. Today, they allow travelers to stroll along and discover the fascinating panoramas of the city and surrounding areas from their various towers. The Basilica of Sant Feliu is the first cathedral in Girona. It is one of the most representative Gothic buildings in the city with a narrow bell tower (14-16th century), a baroque facade and some unique works of art inside. The bridges over the rivers of Girona are also of great interest, especially the fragile lightweight Gómez Bridge and the Palanqués-Vermelles Bridge, built by the Eiffel Company. If you want to see this impressive cultural center of Catalonia with your own eyes, book your bus ticket to Girona as soon as possible.

Girona bus routes: what else can tourists do?

It would take a very long time to list all the interesting places in Girona. In order for you to see at least a small part of the local historical, architectural and cultural values, the trip should last at least a week. However, there are a few things that all travelers in Girona can do:

          • take a walk in the Plaza de la Independencia;

          • visit the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Mary. If you want to get to the church, you will have to overcome 90 stone steps. According to the belief, the reward will be the forgiveness of 90 sins - one for each step;

          • see the Arabian Baths - one of the few remaining in Europe, built according to Roman and Greek bathing traditions;

          • visit the Church of St. Felix - the oldest city church;

          • be impressed by cultural masterpieces in the Museum of Art;

          • make a wish near the figure of the Girona lioness, which is located next to the Basilica of San Feliu.

Girona is also known for its stunning cuisine, which skillfully combines bright flavors and enchanting aromas. The favorite foods of the locals are simple and straightforward: chocolate, apples, all kinds of meat and sausages, olive oil, mushrooms, seafood, and wine. There are many restaurants in the city offering Catalan, Mediterranean, and original cuisine. Sometimes even residents of neighboring cities come here for gastronomic tours, using the Zaragoza-Girona bus and the Valencia-Girona bus.

Bus price in Girona: how to calculate a travel budget?

Girona is an inexpensive city open for cultural events, celebrations and excursions. After buying a ticket to Girona, you should take care of your accommodation. Tourists can stay in hotels in the historic center or near the main attractions of the city. In the Old Town, you can find rooms from 30 euros per night. If you want to feel the flavor of ancient Spain, then you can book a room in old buildings, where in some places the stonework and wooden beams have been preserved. Prices for accommodation in them start from 50 euros for two people.

Local transportation, restaurants and shops are inexpensive, with an average bill for two costing 20 euros. Girona restaurants serve both Catalan and Basque cuisine. Among the Catalan establishments are Calderers (on Independence Square) and El Capritxo (on Plaça San Feliu), and the most popular Basque restaurant is Txalaka. If you've explored the whole city and want to get more impressions, you can book tickets for the Girona-Madrid bus or the Girona-Lleida bus.

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