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About the city
Map Oviedo

Country: Spain

Population: 212 174 Citizens

Local time: 03:03:51 (03.03.2024)

Currency: EUR

Oviedo is the capital of Asturias, located in the north of Spain. This wonderful city impresses with its unique history and architecture, its cozy streets, old center and university attract tourists from all over the world. Oviedo is known for its cleanliness and culture, and you can find UNESCO-listed sites here, which emphasizes its historical significance. The special atmosphere of the city, its beauty and delicious cuisine make it an ideal place for those who want to immerse themselves in authentic Spanish culture. A bus to Oviedo will help you get to the city quickly and without transfers.

The name of the city means "Old Town" in Latin. Oviedo is a real open-air museum. Its sights will give a head start to the most famous European resorts, and nature will give you a lot of positive emotions. Travelers who visit here have several things to do:

          • see 14 churches that are included in the UNESCO List;

          • try the local apple cider;

          • admire the colorful fiesta procession;

          • buy authentic cabrales cheese as a souvenir.

The city is often visited by guests from neighboring cities, taking the Madrid-Oviedo bus, Bilbao-Oviedo bus, etc. Oviedo will be a great starting point for exploring the examples of pre-Romanesque art that are included in the World Heritage List. In addition, there are incredible natural areas that are perfect for practicing various sports, as well as a variety of gastronomic offerings that will not leave any gourmet untouched.

Bus schedule in Oviedo

Intercity transport links Oviedo with cities in Spain and major cities in other countries. There is a small airport and an extensive railway connection, but most travelers choose the bus to Oviedo. It is fast, inexpensive, and comfortable transportation. By the way, there are also frequent buses from the city to other cities in Spain: bus Oviedo-Madrid, bus Oviedo-León, etc. In the historic center of the city, it is worth getting around on foot - this is the only way to appreciate the beauty of the old buildings that are literally on every corner. Among other things, most streets are pedestrianized, so wear comfortable shoes before walking.

Any route through the capital of Asturias begins with the tower of the Oviedo Cathedral. The chapel of San Miguel houses the Holy Ark, the Cross of Angels, and the Cross of Victory. Pilgrims traveling to Santiago de Compostela have always revered these relics. Near the cathedral, we can see some of the most important buildings in Oviedo: the Church of San Tirso, the Art Museum and the Archaeological Museum. Walking through the streets of the historic center of Oviedo will bring you real pleasure. The most popular routes stretch from the university to the cathedral or from the palace of the Marquis of San Felix to Camposagrado. Along the way, you can see statues placed on the sidewalks in places related to their history. Relax in the many large and small squares where there are many "chigres" (cider houses). If you've already fallen in love with this city, book your bus ticket to Oviedo online on the INFOBUS website.

You have bought a bus to Oviedo and now what?

This city captivates at first sight. Here you can get acquainted with such majestic buildings as Santa Maria del Naranco, San Miguel de Lillo and San Julián de los Prados, all of which are declared architectural monuments of national importance. These churches and palaces, along with Santa Cristina de Lena, the Holy Chamber and the medieval Foncalada Fountain, are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Other important buildings of Oviedo are located near the cathedral: the Church of San Tirso, the Art Museum and the Archaeological Museum. The archaeological museum houses numerous architectural and sculptural elements in the pre-Romanesque style (VIII-X centuries). Thanks to these exhibits, tourists have the opportunity to take a unique walk through the entire history of Asturias art, starting from the Bronze Age, as well as see collections from the prehistoric, Roman, Visigothic and Romanesque periods.

Start your exploration of Oviedo's sights with the magnificent Gothic cathedral of San Salvador, first built in the mid-8th century, which has survived many destructions of varying severity and reconstructions. The cathedral acquired its modern appearance in the 16th century. Connoisseurs of religious buildings from different cities of Spain come to the city to see it, taking the Santander-Oviedo bus, Leon-Oviedo bus, etc. Next, we definitely recommend going for a walk along the cobblestone streets of the Old Town, where the magnificent Velarde Palace (now part of the Art Museum's exposition), the City Hall, Torero and Camposagrado palaces are located. You can relax on the cozy medieval Del Fontan Square.

Bus routes in Oviedo: useful tips for travelers

This city is rich in history and culture, it is also known for its hospitality and delicious Spanish cuisine. When buying a ticket to Oviedo, take note of some useful recommendations:

         1. It's better to get around the city on foot, so you can feel its atmosphere and get acquainted with the main architectural sights.

         2. Currency exchange is best done in national banks.

         3. You can pay for purchases and services in the city not only in cash but also with international bank cards.

         4. The best time to visit Oviedo is from April to October, when the weather is warm and dry. If you want to catch one of the festivals or numerous national holidays, plan your visit in June or September.

         5. Do not leave phones, backpacks, and other personal belongings unattended; it is better to keep them in a safe or hand them over to the reception.

Residents and guests of the city can visit other regions of Spain if they wish. There are regular buses from local stations: Oviedo-Madrid bus, Oviedo-Bilbao bus, Oviedo-Santander bus and others.

Bus price in Oviedo: planning your trip budget

Bus tickets to Oviedo, accommodation, restaurants, museums and souvenirs are all expensive, but experienced travelers know how to save money. Oviedo offers a lot of accommodation options: more than fifty hotels, hostels, and private guesthouses. Most of the local hotels are three-star, and there are also luxury accommodation options. On average, a night in a basic hotel without frills will cost 40-50 euros. If you decide to stay in Oviedo for more than one day, you can pay attention to private guesthouses, many of which are located in old buildings and attract guests with a homely atmosphere of comfort.

For a quick bite to eat or a hearty lunch, you can go to the many cafes and restaurants in the Old Town. Affordable establishments are located in cozy squares - in particular, there are many of them on El Fontan or Trascorrales. And on Gascon Street there are many establishments offering a "menu del dia" - a fixed menu for about 15-25 euros. Souvenirs can be purchased in numerous specialized shops in the Old Town - the choice here is really huge. In addition, a market opens in the main square in the morning, where it makes sense to look for the freshest products of local farms, including the famous cheeses and cider.

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