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About the city
Map Pontevedra

Country: Spain

Local time: 11:26:03 (27.02.2024)

Currency: EUR

Pontevedra is a fairly large city in northwestern Spain, which is located in the autonomous community of Galicia. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean at a distance of 60 km south of Santiago de Compostela and 30 km north of Vigo. It is a beautiful ancient city with a rich heritage of Romanesque architecture, and of course, it deserves special attention. If you are attracted by the Spanish flavor, but do not like noisy megacities, buy a bus ticket to Pontevedra.

According to an ancient legend, the city was founded by the hero of the Trojan War, Teucorus, who married Helen, the daughter of King Putrecus, who led the Greek army to liberate Athens. Over time, a small seaside settlement of cobblestone streets and cozy squares, surrounded by a fortress wall, was formed at the place where the Leres River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The heyday of Pontevedra began in the Ⅹⅼⅼ century: it was a point on the Portuguese St. James's Way, and its port played an important role in trade. It was here that the flagship schooner for Columbus' expedition was built. Today, the city is one of the most important industrial and business centers in Galicia. Guests from neighboring cities often travel here, buying tickets for the Vigo-Pontevedra bus or the Madrid-Pontevedra bus.

Bus schedule to Pontevedra

The city is located on the western coast of the country, it has a well-developed transport connection, which allows tourists to easily get to the city from different directions. There are several ways to get to Pontevedra:

         1. By plane. The nearest airport is about 30 km from the city.

         2. By train. Pontevedra train station serves trains that connect the city with other parts of Spain. There are direct trains from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and other major cities.

         3. By bus. Bus routes provide connections between Pontevedra, other cities in Spain, and even neighboring countries. Many bus companies offer bus transportation services, popular routes are Pontevedra-Vigo bus, Pontevedra-Madrid bus, etc.

         4. By car. Tourists can arrive in Pontevedra by their own or rented car.

         5. By ship. Due to the geographical location of the city, travelers may consider arriving by ship through coastal ports.

Most tourists choose the bus to Pontevedra as a fast, convenient and inexpensive means of transportation. After arriving in the city, tourists can use public transportation or walk to explore the sights and cultural attractions of Pontevedra. You can book your Pontevedra bus ticket online in advance on the INFOBUS website.

The Pontevedra bus has arrived, and it's time to walk its streets

Pontevedra, a city with a deep maritime and commercial tradition, has preserved a historic center that is considered one of the most significant and elegant in Galicia. On the streets and squares of the old town, located on the banks of the Ria de Pontevedra, you can see the best examples of secular and religious architecture. As soon as you arrive by bus in Pontevedra, sign up for excursions. There are many interesting locations in the city:

         1. The Old Town is the historic center of the city, where narrow streets, historic buildings, traditional shops and restaurants are gathered. On the central square you can see the cathedral and the city hall.

         2. The Basilica of Santa Maria la Major is one of the most important architectural monuments in Pontevedra;

         3. Fort Sant Domingo is a fortress on a hill that offers a magnificent view of the city and the Lerexo River. It has a long history and was used to defend the city in different historical periods.

Modern buildings contrast with the majestic ruins of the Santo Domingo Monastery (XIV century), an ensemble declared a national architectural monument. It is now one of the divisions of the Provincial Museum, which houses architectural elements from different eras, including Romanesque and Gothic capitals, tombstones, and sarcophagi. Another attraction of Pontevedra is the Church of Peregrina (XVIII century), where the image of the city's patron saint is located. Tourists from other cities constantly come to Pontevedra for these locations, taking the bus Santiago de Compostela-Pontevedra and others.

Bus routes in Pontevedra: will this city surprise tourists?

The main sightseeing route in Pontevedra passes through the shopping streets and granite squares of Teucro, Cinco Calles and Verdura, and ends at the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This grandiose Renaissance church was built in the 16th century by the Mariners' Guild. Due to its favorable location on the Atlantic Ocean, Pontevedra is associated with traditional gastronomy based on a variety of seafood and fresh fish.

The province of Pontevedra is home to two of the most important protected natural resources in Galicia - the Atlantic Islands National Park, which includes the paradise islands of Islas Cies, Ones, Cortegada and Salvora. The best Galician beaches with white sand and turquoise sea are located on the islands of Ciez, where you can go by ferry every day. The surroundings of the city of Pontevedra have impressive natural resources that attract many tourists. These places are ideal for hiking, sailing, or beach vacations. If you've explored the city and want to see more interesting places, book your tickets for the bus Pontevedra-Seville or bus Pontevedra-Santiago de Compostela on the INFOBUS website.

Pontevedra bus price: how to calculate a travel budget?

When you buy a bus ticket to Pontevedra, you should immediately think about accommodation. There are many hotels in the city and throughout the province. In the historic center of the capital is the 16th century Casa do Baron manor, converted into a parador hotel. Opposite the Ria de Arós in the Rias Bajas region is the Parador de Cambados, the former Paso de Batan estate. One of the most unusual hotels due to its location - Parador de Baiona - is a walled fortress.

For a budget vacation, travelers can book rooms in guest houses, hostels, and apartments. Use online accommodation booking platforms to help you find the best option at an affordable price. Pontevedra is a small city, so you can find accommodation near the main tourist locations. A vacation will not be complete without entertainment on land and sea, so don't forget to include these activities in your travel budget. You can find unique gifts and souvenirs that best reflect the character, beauty and culture of Pontevedra in local markets, shops and souvenir shops.


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