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Want to make a trip to Santander, Spain? You will find bus tickets to Santander on our website Use the search form above to book your tickets from trusted carriers and travel on modern buses to Santander.

About the city
Map Santander

Country: Spain

Local time: 09:51:56 (24.07.2024)

Currency: EUR

Santander is an ideal city for a family vacation. It is famous for its picturesque promenade and amazing sandy beaches. Santander is the capital of the autonomous region of Cantabria. The city is washed on three sides by the waters of the Bay of Biscay of the Atlantic Ocean. It never ceases to amaze with its elegance, which is why the northern coastal cities have been compared to diamonds in the crown of Spain. Thanks to King Alfonso XIII, who chose Santander as a summer vacation destination in the early 20th century, the large trading port turned into an exquisite resort.

There are some must-do things to do in Santander:

          • admire the underwater world while swimming in crystal clear water;

          • visit the ancient churches and cathedrals and see the relics of the city's patron saints, the brothers Emeritus and Celedonius;

          • visit the royal palace of La Magdalena and take a walk in the favorite parks of the Spanish monarchs;

          • go to El Sardinero in July and listen to opera performed by world-class stars.

Buy a bus ticket to Santander as soon as possible so you don't miss anything! The city streets are harmoniously intertwined with ancient white marble buildings and modern new buildings, and historic palaces rise among the areas with urban landscapes. These architectural contrasts are quite understandable: In 1941, all the wooden buildings in the historic part of the city were completely destroyed by fire, and in 1941-1950 this area was rebuilt.

Bus schedule in Santander

The city is located in the north of the country and can be reached by various means of transportation. There are almost no direct flights to this Spanish city, and flying with transfers is not very convenient, so many tourists choose a train or bus to Santander. The city has a well-developed infrastructure. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, due to the fact that the royal family began to come here on vacation, this city has received the status of a resort. Many tourists from all over the world come here, attracted by the beautiful nature, clean beaches, and interesting sights. The Madrid-Santander bus, the Bilbao-Santander bus, and other buses from neighboring cities reach the resort.

The high season lasts from the second half of July to the end of September. And winter, when storms rage in the Bay of Biscay under clear sunny skies, is considered the best season for surfers. For those tourists traveling to Spain to explore its sights, this city will be interesting at any time of the year. You can buy a bus ticket to Santander online on the INFOBUS website. In this city, the charming atmosphere of palaces is combined with fishing traditions, which are best explored in the so-called fishing district of the city. This combination of contrasts is complemented by the "new" Santander, full of the most current cultural and artistic trends.

The bus to Santander has arrived, time for a walk around the city

The first and foremost difference between Santander and popular Spanish resorts is that it is not a very popular resort among tourists, so it is calmer here than in other tourist areas. There are often flights to neighboring regions of the country from here, for example, the Santander-Bilbao bus or the Santander-Madrid bus. An important landmark of the city is the Gothic Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which began construction in the XII century. The main religious relics are kept here - the heads of the holy martyrs Emeterio and Celedonio. First of all, it is worth visiting the historical part of Santander:

         1. The central square of the city, surrounded by beautiful arches. Here you can enjoy the architecture, admire the Town Hall, relax in a cafe or visit one of the restaurants.

         2. Palacio del Marques de La Magdalena, built on the seashore in the style of an English castle. Today it is used for various cultural and social events and is open for tours.

         3. Magdalena Park - located next to the palace, you can take a nice walk along the coast.

         4. The city is located on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea, so there are several beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sun and sea air.

To feel the pulse of Santander, it is worth visiting the main Esperanza market, located next to the Church of San Francisco. Here you can buy all the seafood of Cantabria and more. The market is always crowded, not only locals come here to make purchases, but also many guests from neighboring regions, having bought a ticket for the Vitoria-Santander bus or the Logroño-Santander bus.

Santander bus routes: what else will surprise you in this city?

If you like quiet walks, visit the Hardines de Pereda Park. This is a real botanical garden located in the city center. Here you can sit in the shade of magnolias and plane trees, walk across a decorative bridge and throw a coin into a small lake to come back here again. The Fire Monument is of great artistic value. The monument made of bronze and marble recalls a tragic event in the life of Santander that took place in February 1941. In two days, a large part of the city - 37 streets on the territory of 14 hectares - burned down in a severe fire. 

Santander residents are very proud of the Botín Contemporary Art Center, designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. It hosts various exhibitions and festivals, and inside you can see exhibitions of works by contemporary authors, as well as admire the panoramic view from the building's terraces. Santander is a great place to spend a family vacation, as it has many attractive tourist and gastronomic features, as well as many opportunities for children: a boat tour of the bay, a walk through the La Magdalena mini zoo, or an excursion to the Maritime Museum. Another great vacation idea is to spend a day with the whole family at one of the local beaches. If you have been planning a family beach vacation for a long time, book your bus tickets to Santander on the INFOBUS website.

Bus price Santander: useful information for tourists

Bus in Santander is the main cost of traveling. Entrance to the territory of many historical and cultural sites of the city is free, and travelers have the opportunity to visit popular museums for free. Frugal tourists should not deny themselves the pleasure of visiting the sights; you can find out the cost of tickets and opening hours of cultural institutions in any tourist center. It is most profitable to pay for purchases and services in the national currency, and it is recommended that travelers exchange it before the trip, at home. Currency exchange services are also offered by local banks, but in this case the exchange rate may not be the most favorable. A trip to Santander will be a great solution for both young people and couples with children, because everyone will find something to brighten up their leisure time.

Those who want to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle will be happy to sunbathe on the beautiful beaches under the lacquered sunshine and enjoy relaxation treatments in local massage and spa salons. Active travelers can enjoy water sports, well-equipped golf courses, tennis courts, bowling alleys and gyms. Fans of nightlife will enjoy the large number of clubs, bars and discos that are concentrated along the coastline. In any of the local cafes you can have a cheap dinner with delicious national dishes. When you come to Santander, be sure to try the sarsuela - an assortment of fish that will impress even the most sophisticated gourmets.

Hotels in Santander offer modern, comfortable rooms, among which everyone can find the perfect place to stay for a few days. Travelers can choose from luxury apartments, modest hotels, and budget hostels. In winter, spring, and fall, when proximity to attractions becomes more important, it is better to stay in the historic center. There is a good selection of hotels there, and there are also private apartments. In the summer months, the approximate cost of a night's stay in the summer months starts at 40 euros. If you have time, be sure to visit the neighboring cities by taking the Santander-Torrelavega bus.

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