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Want to make a trip to Sevilla, Spain? You will find bus tickets to Sevilla on our website Use the search form above to book your tickets from trusted carriers and travel on modern buses to Sevilla.

About the city
Map Sevilla

Country: Spain

Population: 704 154 Citizens

Local time: 17:00:32 (25.07.2024)

Currency: EUR

Seville is the capital of Andalusia, bullfighting, flamenco and gazpacho. This city is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to discover the passionate south of Spain. Such ancient buildings as the Seville Alcazar and the Seville Cathedral, as well as flamenco art and mouth-watering tapas are just some of the many reasons that attract tourists to this cozy city. Two major celebrations take place here on an incredible scale - Semana Santa's Holy Week and the April Feria, which lasts a week at the end of the month. If you are attracted by the Spanish flavor, buy a bus ticket to Seville right now.

In the 19th century, Seville gained worldwide fame for its architecture and culture and became one of the must-stops on a romantic "grand tour" of Europe, which was commonly organized by nobles from other countries. Since then, the tourism industry has begun to develop here, and guests from neighboring regions have been coming to the city, choosing the Madrid-Seville bus, the Malaga-Seville bus, etc. And after Expo 1992, when Seville got a new airport, railway station, new bridges, and express train connections to Madrid, the city became a top destination for travelers. However, the soul of the city still lives in its narrow streets, squares, and courtyards, where minarets are crammed among domes and palm trees.

Bus schedule to Seville

The city has a sunny Mediterranean climate. Summers are very hot, and winters are mild and sunny. The best time to vacation in Seville is March, April and October. You can get here by various means of transportation, but many travelers choose to take a bus to Seville instead of a plane or train for a number of reasons:

          • bus tickets are often cheaper than tickets for other types of transportation, such as airplane or train;

          • most of them take passengers directly to the city center, which is convenient for travelers who want to avoid additional transfers or transfers;

          • bus services are more flexible, with dozens of buses running through Spanish cities every day, allowing you to choose a convenient schedule for you;

          • traveling by bus in Spain, you can interact more with the local population and feel the local flavor.

From Seville, there are also quite frequent buses to all corners of the country, for example, the Seville-Madrid bus or the Seville-Cadiz bus. In order not to waste time in queues at the ticket office, buy a bus ticket to Seville online on the INFOBUS website.

Many tourists specially come to the Seville April Fair, which takes place over six days during Easter week. The extremely colorful festival introduces the city's guests to ancient folk traditions, craftsmen's products, local cuisine and simply offers to have a good time. To see the incendiary flamenco, you should go to Seville in early September, when the annual festival of this dance takes place. Tourists can not only enjoy the magical spectacle but also learn how to dance the dance of passion.

Bus tickets to Seville are bought, it's time to get to know the city better

Conventionally, "tourist" Seville can be divided into 4 districts, the most important of which is the Historical Center. This is the "heart" of the capital of Andalusia, where the main attractions of the city, the best hotels and restaurants are located, including the famous Cathedral, a symbol of the region and the architectural dominant of Seville. The Barrio de Santa Cruz is the most bohemian area of the city. Here, at every step, there are wrought iron gates, typically Andalusian courtyards with fountains and tiles, and fashionable art galleries.

Finally, Triana and El Arenal are neighborhoods whose names were mentioned in their works by the legendary writers of Spain's Golden Age, Lope de Vega and Cervantes. Today, these neighborhoods attract tourists with attractions such as Seville's Golden Tower and the Museum of Fine Arts, which displays works by the best Seville artists, including Murillo. Every tourist who comes to Seville should do the following:

         1. Ride a river tram on the Guadalquivir, the largest river in Andalusia.

         2. Go to a bullfight.

         3. Visit the Alcazar Palace, a symbol not only of Seville but of the whole of Spain.

         4. Spend a day in the Maria Luisa Park.

         5. Admire Seville from the observation deck of the Giralda Tower.

         6. Feed the pigeons in the Plaza de la América.

         7. Breathe in the air saturated with the scent of flowering tangerine trees.

         8. Attend a flamenco show.

         9. Pray in the Cathedral. It is here that members of the royal families are buried, and Christopher Columbus' tomb is located nearby.

        10. Taste traditional Andalusian delicacies.

Back in the XVII century, a Spanish saying appeared - "Who has not seen Seville, has not seen a miracle." And if you have a lot of free time, be sure to visit the neighboring cities by buying tickets for the Seville-Malaga bus or Seville-Granada bus.

Seville bus routes: the most interesting cities for tourists

The city has a large area, so tourists can not only walk, but also rent a bicycle, take a city bus or even the subway to get around. There are several public transportation lines that can be used to get from one end of the city to the other. If you need to use buses frequently, it is more profitable to buy a Bonobus pass for 10 trips, they are sold at tobacco and newsstands.

Be sure to sign up for excursions. The most popular tourist locations:

          • The Royal Alcazar Palace, which combines Moorish, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture;

          • the Giralda bell tower, which was built in the XII century as a minaret of a mosque that stood on the site of the modern cathedral. Today it is one of the city's symbols and offers stunning views of the city;

          • Barrio Santa Cruz is an old Jewish neighborhood with narrow streets, traditional plazas, and lovely courtyards. Here you can stroll and enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Seville;

          • Plaza de España - was built for the 1929 Ibero-American Exhibition. It is a semicircular structure with a canal, bridges and buildings representing different regions of Spain.

These attractions provide only a small part of Seville's rich cultural and historical heritage. The city is also known for its traditional festivals, delicious cuisine, and fiery flamenco dances. To see them, people often travel here on excursions from other cities, choosing a Badajoz-Seville bus, Cadiz-Seville bus, etc.

Bus price Seville: useful tips for tourists

To avoid standing in line for tickets and save money in general, as well as get a detailed useful guide, you can buy a special Seville City Pass for 50 euros without any daytime restrictions. The card entitles you to free access to the Alcazar, a cruise on the Guadalquivir River, airport transfers, and a 20% discount on all major museums and other city attractions.

As for the local cuisine, try tapas, as Seville is the birthplace of this appetizer. Good tapas bars are concentrated around the cathedral and in the city center, so don't pass by, there is something to try there. In particular, tapas tortilla española (potato omelette), pulpo gallego (Galician octopus), aceitunas (olives), patatas bravas (spicy potatoes) or queso manchego (sheep cheese from the La Mancha region). And, of course, tapas with jamón.

There is accommodation in the city for every taste. Usually, a bus ticket to Seville and a hotel reservation are the main expenses when traveling. The best area for tourists is around the Cathedral, where there are quiet authentic streets and all the sights are at hand. And the choice is quite large: there are both pompous palaces and budget hostels. You can also pay attention to hotels near the Santa Justa train station, especially if you want to travel a lot in the province.


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