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About the city
Map Tarragona

Country: Spain

Local time: 13:34:44 (23.02.2024)

Currency: EUR

Tarragona is a picturesque ancient city on the Costa Dorada.  It is the main city of the province and a place for a comfortable family vacation. It has shops, noisy streets, quiet beaches, and interesting architectural monuments. In Tarragona, tourists can go diving or snorkeling, go on boat trips to the Costa Dorada, and visit interesting museums. Cultural life in Tarragona does not stop for a minute. Throughout the year, tourist and entertainment events are constantly held here, so no matter what month you come here, the chance to get to a cultural event is very high. For this reason, guests from neighboring regions often travel to the city using the Barcelona-Tarragona bus, Zaragoza-Tarragona bus, etc.

If you are planning a family trip to Tarragona, wait for the main festivals and holidays of the city, because it is at this time that a lot of special events and activities for the youngest viewers are organized. Tarragona is interesting at any time of the year. Every season, tourists are offered many exciting excursion routes to make their vacation on the Costa Dorada unforgettable. If you are attracted by the Spanish flavor and are planning an unforgettable vacation, book a bus ticket to Tarragona.

Bus schedule to Tarragona

Tarragona is the embodiment of its Roman history, medieval past and Catalan traditions. It is one of the cities with the largest number of Roman archaeological sites, and many of them can be visited. Examples of them are the Roman amphitheater, circus, praetorium, theater and the aqueduct of Les Ferreres. You can get to Tarragona by bus, train, car, and plane. Every day there are various flights to cities in Spain and other countries, for example, the Tarragona-Salou bus, the Tarragona-Barcelona bus, etc.

The bus in Tarragona is a faster, more convenient and budget-friendly means of transportation. If you don't want to waste time in the queues at the ticket office and want to book a seat in advance, you can buy a bus ticket to Tarragona online on the INFOBUS website. On this website you can also buy tickets for other popular trips: bus Madrid-Tarragona, bus Tarragona-Valencia and others. It is best to visit the city in spring, when the Taggaso Viva festival is held here. During this period, Tarragona is filled with historical reenactments, excursions and entertainment events related to the Roman history of the city. In the summer, night tours and performances are organized, such as Amfiteatrum, during which you can see a reconstruction of gladiatorial battles.

The bus to Tarragona has arrived, it's time to get acquainted with the city

Tarragona is a city in the east of Spain, in Catalonia, which is famous for its rich history and attractions. Here are some of the most interesting places in Tarragona:

         1. Tarragona Cathedral. Its construction began in the XII century with the use of Romanesque architectural elements. It was not put into operation for a long time, so the cathedral was completed in the Gothic style, and later chapels in the Baroque style were added to it. Today, this cathedral is one of the largest and most beautiful in Spain.

         2. Museum of Archaeology - located in a new 4-storey building on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The museum houses a large collection of Roman artifacts and mosaics.

         3. The fortress walls of the city. They were built by the Romans in the II century BC. Only the upper part of the original wall with three towers has survived to this day.

         4. Roman amphitheater - was built in the II century BC and could accommodate 14,000 spectators. Once gladiators and wild animals fought here, in the VI century a basilica was built nearby, and then in the Middle Ages the church of Santa Maria del Milagro was built here.

         5. The Devil's Bridge. In Tarragona, there is an ancient large aqueduct built in the I century, which supplied water to the city from the Francole River. There is a legend associated with this place, according to which a shepherd asked the Devil to build a bridge between two hills so that the shepherd could save time moving his sheep. The Devil built the bridge in one night, but in the morning he asked for the soul of the first person to cross the bridge as payment. It turned out to be the soul of a sheep.

         6. The Tarragona Circus - was built in the first century and accommodated about 30,000 spectators. Horse and chariot races were often held in the circus.

These are just a few examples of what you can see in Tarragona. The city is really rich in history and culture, and you should definitely take the time to explore all sides of it.

Bus routes to Tarragona: what to do in this city?

Tarragona is located on the Mediterranean Sea, and you can reach the beach on foot from the historic city center. On the coastline, which is about 15 kilometers long, you will find clean beaches where you can swim from June to September. The traditional atmosphere of the seaside town has been preserved in the fishing district of Serraglio. This is a great place to taste the best seafood and fish of the area. You can even witness the fish auction that takes place daily at the fish market.

Tarragona, and especially its historical part, is a pleasant city with numerous terraces with views of historical monuments in places like Plaza Font, Plaza Forum or Plaza Rey. And at the end of the day, you can dine on the best traditional cuisine. Be sure to try it:

          • Arrosejat, a variation of the traditional paella rice dish with seafood;

          • Cassola de romesco is a fish and potato roast that is baked and served in a pot. The most important detail is the unique romesco sauce, invented in the fifteenth century. It is prepared in several stages and consists of a mixture of sweet peppers, onions, tomatoes, almonds, and bread;

          • Fideos arrossejats - a kind of noodles fried in a pan with seafood;

          • Peix blau - blue fish, typical of the Costa Dorada region;

          • Arros negre - black rice that gets its color from cuttlefish ink, which is the main ingredient.

This relatively calm, almost provincial city with a unique ancient history will be able to conquer everyone who loves national holidays and festivals, the golden beaches of the Costa Dorada and unique cuisine in the best Catalan traditions. Buy a ticket to Tarragona as soon as possible, you can do it quickly and profitably on the INFOBUS website.

Bus prices in Tarragona: how to calculate a travel budget?

Bus ticket to Taragona and accommodation booking are the main expenses when traveling. The city has a wide network of city and family hotels, guest houses, hostels and apartments. But the campsites on the coast deserve special attention: for a relatively small fee, you will get your place under the Tarragona sun, well-kept parks, and entertainment programs for every taste, age, and budget. The price of an overnight stay in hostels is 20 euros per night and higher. If you wish, you can take the Tarragona-Madrid bus and go on an excursion to the Spanish capital.

Outdoor enthusiasts can go diving and windsurfing. The local beaches are wide and long, sandy and very clean, with a gentle slope into the water. Almost all of them are equipped with changing cabins, toilets, showers, and are surrounded by cafes and bars, under the canopies of which it is so pleasant to enjoy a cool drink. The city has many shopping centers, shops, and souvenir shops where you can buy many interesting things. Must-haves from Tarragona are face and body cosmetics with olive oil from Belnatur and Natura Bisse, as well as professional hair care from Kerastase and perfumes from Parfumeria Giulia. It is better to buy such products in branded stores or pharmacies. Many tourists also buy edible souvenirs: jamon, spicy chorizo sausage, divine Manchego cheese, local olive oil and wine.


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