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Hodnocení 4.45
Obsluha v autobusů
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Celkový počet recenzí: 139


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  • NeobusKrakow airport - Katowice

    Kraków Balice letiště - Katowice. Jsem nadšen. Dochvílnost, čistota, bezpečná jízda.

  • NeobusKrakow - Wroclaw

    When entering the bus I wanted confirmation that the bus route was Kraków-Wroclaw arriving at a specific time. The driver stated that he doesn't know what time we will arrive. Trying to take seat was impossible the two drivers took up over eight seats in the first rows of the bus with their personal baggage and when that wasn't enough they used baskets and packs of water to take up the rest. When I tried to move a pack of water to take a seat the driver yelled at me and said not to touch anything because those are the drivers seats for personal use and to sleep and that I have to sit in the back. I moved the water anyway and sat down. The driver started to use profanity at me and called me a f- bitch and said he was going to kill me in Polish he kept repeating it over and over until I told him I could hear him and that I was going to report him. The second driver told me I needed to move and then proceeded to recline two front seat on top of me so that he could sleep. I use this transport to work and needed working space for my laptop when I moved the console down every time he started yelling me and saying I am waking him up and telling me he is the president of the bus and cans do what he wants because I was moving too much he got up and started saying bad things about me to the other bus driver and then getting the whole bus included. It was absoulutley the worst experience of any of my commutes I felt my safety was indangered as well as the buses the top priority of the three and a half hour transport was so the bus drivers can have sleep on the seats which is ABSOULUTLEY A SAFETY VIOLATION and because I wouldn't sit in the back of the bus where there was no room derogatory words where said and used towards me ABSOULUTLEY HORRIFIC!

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