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FunTick is your loyal friend in any journey!



Hello, friends! Have you met this character yet? Yes, it's FunTick, and that's how we decided to name the company's mascot. This name fully reflects its nature and purpose of existence. 


The name FunTick speaks for itself. The first part, "Fun," symbolises the positive emotions and pleasure that people experience when travelling. And "Tick" indicates a ticket, which is the starting point of every exciting adventure. FunTick is always ready to make every journey unforgettable. And he can't wait to get to work.


History of creation


INFOBUS always cares about the comfort of its users. That's why we came up with the idea of creating a cute assistant that would understand everyone's needs and help them navigate quickly and in an accessible language, and buy tickets for:

  • bus;
  • train;
  • plane.

Thus, the history of FunTick began with a concern for the users of the service, because it is at the stage of buying tickets that most questions arise. It will be happy to help you find the most convenient and profitable routes, choose the best tickets, and tell you fascinating stories about the places you are going to.


FunTick - a cute mascot


The INFOBUS team spent a lot of time and effort visualising the mascot. Every line, every shade - everything was thought out in detail to create a character that will impress with its charm and uniqueness. But that's not all. FunTick has many different emotions. He is surprised, happy, and delighted, because he is designed to go through every adventure with you!

FunTick is not just a company mascot. He is your personal assistant who can always offer the best options. FunTick is a symbol of carefree travel, because that's what travelling should be like. We hope that he will make you smile and feel good. And his advice will always make all your trips special and unique.


If you have any questions, the INFOBUS round-the-clock support team will always be happy to help you sort everything out.  

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Sincerely, INFOBUS!

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