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Carrier ratings Eurobus-Sindbad
Total ratings: 21

All routes of this carrier

01HH 01HHI
01HHO 01RI
02 02I
02O 03
03I 03O
04 04I
05 05I
05NE 05O
06 06EX
06EXI 06I
06O 06PEX
06PEXI 07
07H 07I
08 08I
08O 09
09EX 09EXI
09F 09FI
09FO 09I
09O 09PEX
09PEXI 10
10I 10O
11FR 11FRI
11FRO 11MU
12 12I
12O 15F
15P 15PFO
15PO 15S
15SO 18
18O 19
19E 19EO
19O 25
33 E-171
E-614 E-614PM
E-615 E-616
E-617 E-619
E-620 E-620A
E-620B E-620C
E-621 E-622
E-623 E-624
E-625 E-628
E-629 E-629A
E-629B E-630
E-631 E-632
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Photo gallery

  • 0

    Danke! Alles war gut !

  • 0

    We received a text message telling us the departure would be changed to 8pm. Instead, the departure was just as it was originally, at 8:50pm. Thus, we arrived at Kaunas at 04:45, and on the ticket the bus would be at 04:45, but when we arrived there was no bus, so we had to wait till 06:25 to catch the bus. Bad communication from the company.

  • 0

    Organizacija byla super, personal na vysokom urovni, v salone komfortno,mne ponravilos.

  • 0

    The air conditioning was not working properly at the back of the bus, otherwise all was OK.

  • 0

    Great carer! Very comfortable coaches! Becides the weather conditions we came home fast, safe and sound.

    Thank you.

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