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Deutsche Bahn

Carrier's rating Deutsche Bahn
Total ratings: 6

All routes of this carrier

1 Nurnberg airport - Praha 1 Praha - Nurnberg airport
1050 Прага - Нюрнберг 1058 Прага - Нюрнберг
1066 Прага - Нюрнберг 1150 Praha - Munchen
1150 Прага - Мюнхен 1151 Munchen - Praha
1151 Мюнхен - Прага 1154 Praha - Munchen
1154 Прага - Мюнхен 1155 Munchen - Praha
1155 Мюнхен - Прага 1158 Praha - Munchen
1158 Прага - Мюнхен 1159 Munchen - Praha
1159 Мюнхен - Прага 1162 Praha - Munchen
1162 Прага - Мюнхен 1163 Munchen - Praha
1163 Мюнхен - Прага 2 Praha - Nurnberg airport
3 Nurnberg airport - Praha 3 Praha - Mannheim
4 Mannheim - Praha 43371 Leipzig - Praha
43372 Praha - Leipzig 5 Nurnberg airport - Praha
6 Nurnberg airport - Praha 6 Praha - Nurnberg airport
bus Mannheim - Praha
München - Praha Praha - Mannheim
Praha - München Praha - Nurnberg airport


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    Praha - München

    No limit on wifi

  • 0
    München - Praha

    Everything good, speacialy wi-fi perfect...

  • 0
    Прага - Мюнхен

    Sehr gut!! Wir sind sehr zufrieden!!!

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    Leipzig - Praha

    Everything good! Puntual and comfortable.

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    Praha - München

    I had a very bad experience with Deutsch Bahn bus service. I am a professional violinist and I was traveling from Prague to Munich. While showing her my ticket, the agent at the bus told me I must put my violin in the luggage compartment and that I could not bring it with me in the bus. This is absolutely impossible as my violin is very expensive and cannot be put in a bus as if it is regular luggage. Most bus companies in my experience will make an exception to their hand luggage size restrictions to accommodate musicians and their instruments. This was not the case with Deutsch Bahn. The agent told me (very rudely) that I was not allowed to have my violin with me. I asked her if the bus was full, or if there were still empty seats available. She said there were. I asked if I could purchase another seat on the bus for my violin, to which she got her face very close to mine, as if I could hear her, and said "No!". As a result, I could not board the bus and it left without me, leaving me to scramble to find a way to get to Munich before my concert there the next day. I understand very well that on the ticket there are stated size restrictions for hand luggage. But I've already had the experience with other bus companies where they will make an exception, or at least will allow me to purchase a place for my instrument. More disconcerting was this agent's behavior and manner towards me. Musicians beware Deutsch Bahn bus! I will never book with them again.

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