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Total ratings: 152 Carrier ratings: 3,3
Vehicle: 3,3
Service staff: 3,3
Price and quality: 3,3

Traveler reviews of carriers

  • 5,0
    Vilnius - Minsk

    Very nice service with a minibus. Fast, comfortable and convenient. Just a bit confusing that the stop is not marked at the Vilnius Airport. It does not leave from a shuttle bus station at the airport, but it leaves instead right from the parking lot where there is no marking. However, it's still easy to find - it's right in front of the exit from the airport arrival terminal. And the day before the trip, your receive an SMS confirmation with minibus vehicle registration plate details and driver phone number just in case.

    Absolutely recommended!

  • 5,0
    Vilnius airport - Minsk

    Super!!!! And 1 hour faster than in schedule

  • 1,0
    Minsk - Kyiv

    It was the worst trip i’ve ever had.

    It began from bus station, where I found Mercedes Sprinter (mini bus) instead of real bus. It was very uncomfortable and there were no space for legs. I thought that this 10 hours would last forever.

    Then on Ukrainian border our bus was rejected to enter the country because driver was carrying scooter, which he needed to pay fees for. Then all passengers in mini bus were forced by driver to leave the border. Somewhere in neutral zone our driver has hid his scooter and then we went to Ukrainian border a second time.

    Fortunetly the driver was speeding and we’ve made it on time, but i would never ever trip with a infobus.

    INFOBUS Administrator of the 08.04.2019

    Dear INFOBUS customer,

    Thank You for Your feedback.

    Please draw your attention to the fact that INFOBUS is a consolidated BusSystem, on the basis of which the tickets are sold by carriers from all over the world.

    INFOBUS provides system support and dispatching the carriers the same as the customers of the company, at the same time acts as a liaison between the customer and the carrier. We do our best to provide a decent service to the client and make the communication between the carrier and the passenger as effective as possible.

    Assessing the INFOBUS company, you can evaluate the performance of the online reservation system and the sale of tickets, or work of INFOBUS support service.

    For the quality of services, namely the carriage of passengers, the carrier is responsible for.

    Carrier company that You traveled with is Gabriele-Bayer GmbH.

    Your response also is send to the carrier.

    Thank you for your understanding and hope that your assessment of the work of INFOBUS company will be accomplieshed in accordance with our responsibilities as outlined above.

  • 4,0
    Минск - Санкт-Петербург

    zal,tso net tualeta v avtobuse

  • 4,0
    Минск - Киев

    The trip was mostly OK. WiFi did not work though.

  • 5,0
    Минск - Киев


  • 4,0
    Варшава - Брест

    It was ok

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