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Want to make a trip to Mestre, Italy? You will find bus tickets to Mestre on our website Use the search form above to book your tickets from trusted carriers and travel on modern buses to Mestre.

About the city
Map Mestre

Country: Italy

Local time: 22:32:50 (15.07.2024)

Currency: EUR

Mestre is the mainland of Venice. It has a rich history and character of the Middle Ages, and in addition to all the advantages of Venice, it also attracts with modern buildings, industrial development and low prices for housing and other services. The sights of Mestre are not as romantic as those of Venice, but there is still plenty to see. If you were going to the Venice Carnival, but everything in Venice is already booked, buy a bus ticket to Mestre.

The city is connected to Venice by a large railway bridge called Ponte della Liberta. This allows visitors to visit the main sights of the city in a calm and carefree way, have a coffee on the terrace of one of the many pastry shops and take colourful photos. The city has its own special smell, which can be smelled throughout the city, inhaling the aroma of coffee and fresh pastries. Italians from other regions of the country often walk here, getting here by bus Padua-Mestre, bus Milan-Mestre, etc.

Bus schedule Mestre: is it convenient to get here?

This region of Venice can be reached by various means of transport. Venice Marco Polo Airport is a 20-minute drive away, and Treviso Airport is also close by. Some travellers prefer to drive their own car via Trieste and Turin or take trains departing from Padua, Florence, Milan and other cities.

If you want to arrive without changing trains, especially during the tourist season, choose the Mestre bus. Unlike Venice, this region has a variety of ground transport. There are always a lot of tourists here, so you should take care of travel and accommodation in advance. Study the schedule, plan your holiday carefully and book your bus tickets in Mestre online. You can do this on the INFOBUS website. Its comfortable modern buses can easily cover any distance regardless of the weather and road conditions.

Bus tickets to Mestre are booked, time to get to know the city

Initially, Mestre was a separate city in Italy, but later this status was removed. Currently, its central part is closed to traffic, but this is not a hindrance. Those staying in hotels by the sea can walk around and admire the local sights. The distance between them is small, so even in one day you can see many interesting locations:

          - The Toniolo Theatre is located next to the central square. It regularly hosts premieres of new productions that anyone can attend;

          - St Lorenz Cathedral - was built in the 17th century and has survived to this day. Inside there are ancient artefacts, icons and relics that are more than 100 years old;

          - Bissoula Park is a popular "green zone" of the city with rides and other entertainment. There are jogging tracks, playgrounds for sports games and even small ski slopes;

          - Torre dell'Orologio Tower - located on Piazza Ferretto. It is one of the tallest in Italy and offers an amazing view of Venice. There are many souvenir shops, cafes, and boutiques at the foot of the tower.

Due to its autonomy and location in the mainland of Italy, the Mestre district has many fashionable designer clothing stores, as well as antique shops with a stunning range of goods. Be sure to visit here after your excursions! And if you have time left over, be sure to visit other cities by booking tickets for the bus Mestre-Venice or bus Mestre-Padua.

Bus routes in Mestre: the best things to do for tourists

In Mestre, you can reach the centre on foot, and you can also rent bicycles. To get to Venice, you need to get to the train station. From there, a train departs every fifteen to twenty minutes to the desired destination, with a fare of about 10 euros. You can also buy a bus or vaporetto ticket.

Here are some ideas of what tourists can do in Mestre:

          - a walk along the Canal Grande, which stretches across the city. A walk along its banks allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and architecture;

          - visiting local museums, such as the Museo della Città di Mestre or the Museo M9, dedicated to the history of 20th century Italy;

          - exploring the island of Tristi, which is located near Mestre. It has beautiful canals, narrow streets and interesting sights;

          - shopping and dining;

          - Cycling in and around Mestre;

          - visiting parks and gardens;

          - a trip to Venice. You can use public transport and spend the whole day exploring the unique sights of the city by water. The Mestre bus will help you get back.

Don't forget to enjoy the Italian culture, cuisine and atmosphere in this beautiful city. Mestre often hosts various festivals, concerts and other cultural events. Guests from neighbouring cities often come to visit them by buying bus tickets Venice-Mestre.

Bus to Mestre: useful information for travellers

This part of Italy is underestimated by many travellers, but it knows how to surprise and delight. Tourists who come here for the first time may be a little confused by the local flavour. Here are some tips to help you find your way around Mestre and have a comfortable holiday:

         1. There are many hotels of different categories in the city. When choosing accommodation, pay attention to the distance to transport hubs and major attractions. The price of an economy class room starts from 30 euros, while accommodation in mid-range hotels costs 50-70 euros.

         2. The city has many traditional cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy Italian dishes. If you want to try something authentic, try the miniature desserts mignon or tramezzini - small sandwiches that are very popular with the local population.

         3. The mestre has many boutiques and souvenir shops where you can shop, bargain, and get to know the locals.

         4. There are information centres and tourist offices throughout the city. Here you can pick up a map of Mestre, various brochures and get more information about the city.

Most of the people in Mestre speak Italian, but English is often spoken in tourist locations.

Bus prices in Mestre: how to save money?

Holidays in the mainland of Venice are expensive. The prices for a ticket to Mestre, hotel booking, meals may vary depending on the season and other factors. Booking your tickets, hotel or excursion online can help you save a little money. There are a few more life hacks on how you can save some money. If you plan to travel around the city and Venice, buy a travel ticket that is valid for all public transport, including water transport.

Tourists under the age of 29 can order a special Rolling Venice card for 72 hours, which allows unlimited use of transport and good discounts in museums, theatres, shops, and cafes. It is better to avoid daily lunches and dinners in tourist restaurants. Explore local cafes and trattorias, where prices are more reasonable and the atmosphere is more colourful. This part of Italy is rich in cultural events and activities. Find out about concerts, festivals, and exhibitions that may be taking place during your stay. Remember that you can have a holiday in Italy even on a limited budget if you plan your trip in advance.


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