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About the city
Map Torino

Country: Italy

Population: 899 291 Citizens

Local time: 04:24:45 (17.04.2024)

Currency: EUR

Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region, located at the foot of the snowy Alps. When you arrive in this city, which seems to be unfamiliar at first glance, it seems to be unremarkable. On the other hand, Turin has absorbed the most striking beauty of Italy, for which many people love it so much. Here you can enjoy delicious risotto and chocolate, a cup of aromatic coffee and a ride in a luxury car. This city gave the world vermouth martini, Nutella chocolate and nut paste, Lavatia coffee, FIAT cars and the bicherin drink. Turin continues its history and keeps up with the times. It is quite a popular city among Italians, they often come here from other cities, buying tickets for the bus Milan-Turin, bus Rome-Turin, etc.

Turin looks modest, unlike other Italian cities. There are no fashion weeks here, no warm sea or Roman holidays. Many people in Italy still associate Turin only with winter sports calendars. But at the same time, Turin is known as the "Paris of Italy" and is the most mystical city in Italy. Christians from all over the world come here to see the greatest relics. Get to know the former capital of the Duchy of Savoy closer, book a bus Turin right now!

Bus schedule Turin

There are many reasons to come to this corner of Italy: incredible nature, grandeur of ancient cities, clean sea coast, colourful festivals and exhibitions held all year round. Holidays in Turin are very multifaceted and attractive, the city itself is full of legends and mysteries, so it will be a real discovery for experienced travellers. You can book inexpensive tours in Turin, especially when there is no peak season. However, you can find cheap accommodation, cafes, and entertainment in any season.

You can get here from any part of the world using trains, buses, planes, and a private car. Tourists from European countries often choose to travel by bus to Turin. To save money and plan your holiday time, you can buy tickets in advance. Regardless of the weather and time of year, there are regular flights to Italy. On the INFOBUS website you can buy bus tickets Turin online according to the current schedule. Travelling by this type of transport will leave the warmest and most pleasant memories.

Bus tickets Turin: interesting sights of the city

Turin is located in northern Italy on the Po River. People come here to get acquainted with the relics of the historic centre and taste delicious regional delicacies. Locals live here in a measured and calm manner, so Turin is a great place for retirees and families with children. Here are some of the city's most interesting sights:

          - The Egyptian Museum and Gypsoteca - known for its amazing collection of Egyptian artefacts, as well as classical and modern sculptures;

          - Museum of Automobiles. Turin is the birthplace of the Italian automotive industry. In the car museum, you can see a large collection of rare vintage cars;

          - The Royal Palace - was built in the XVII century and served as the residence of the Savoyards. Inside are luxurious halls and interiors;

          - Cathedral of St John the Baptist - the main Catholic cathedral of Turin and one of the symbols of the city;

          - Museum of Science - offers a large collection of objects related to science and technology, including models of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions;

          - Piazza San Carlo - one of the most beautiful squares in Turin, surrounded by historical buildings and statues.

This is just a small overview of what you can see and visit in Turin. The city is rich in history and culture, so there are many interesting places to explore. If you want to visit other cities in Italy, buy tickets for bus Turin-Milan, bus Turin-Rome etc.

Bus routes in Turin: it's time to get to know the city

The old town of Turin has many unusual, sometimes even mysterious places that attract tourists. The region itself is surrounded by the Western Alps, which makes it attractive for winter sports and outdoor activities. Turin is divided into 10 districts, with the main historical sites located in the centre, as well as fashion boutiques and restaurants with a long history. The distance between interesting locations is small, so you can get around them in 1-2 days.

Turin is considered the historical centre of the Italian automotive industry. It is here that the headquarters of such famous car brands as FIAT, Lancia, and Alfa Romeo are located. Turin is also known as the City of Umbrellas. This is due to the fact that FIAT, one of the world's largest automakers, provided free umbrellas to its employees to protect them from the sun and rain while moving from one building to another. Another interesting fact: Turin was the first capital of united Italy in 1861, when the country became a kingdom. Also, some people here avoid using the number 17 because it is considered unlucky. This is due to the fact that in Roman numbering, XVII can be read as VIXI, which means "I lived" in Latin, which is interpreted as "I died". These facts give Turin a unique character and make your trip more exciting.

The bus to Turin has arrived, it's time to feel its atmosphere

You will never be bored in Turin. It has many architectural structures, museums, palaces, basilicas and churches. The Alps towering over the city create a sense of fairy tale. The old buildings and narrow streets are shrouded in a mysterious atmosphere, the aromas of coffee and chocolate... Book your bus ticket Turin online to experience this magic.

If you have already arrived in Turin, then do this:

          - take a walk in the central square. Piazza Castello combines the most important sights of the city, including the residences of the Savoy dynasty;

          - visit the Cathedral of John the Baptist, where the world-famous relic, the Shroud of Turin, is kept;

          - learn about the history of the automotive industry at the FIAT centre;

          - watch a football match at the stadium of the most titled and famous club Juventus;

          - visit the most prominent building in all of Turin - the Mole Antonelliana. It now houses the National Film Museum, which is the tallest museum in the world (160 m);

          - get to know the history of chocolate at the largest Ferrero Rocher factory and taste the exquisite sweets.

If you like to explore historical and cultural features, you can sign up for hiking, cycling and bus tours. Turin is happy to welcome guests at any time of the year. Guests from Bologna often come here by train and bus from Bologna to Turin.

Bus prices in Turin: how much money will it cost to travel and relax?

If you plan your budget, you can buy a ticket to Turin right away. The choice of accommodation here is quite diverse, a night's stay in cheap hotels starts from 60 euros per night. Single tourists can rent a hostel or a room from locals, which is cheap. If you are travelling with a group, you can rent a full room or apartment with a bathroom and kitchen.

There are many cafes, restaurants, and markets in Turin, so you can have a cheap and tasty lunch. An average meal in a modest cafe costs from 30 euros for two. The price of excursions varies and starts at 10 euros. You can get around the city's tourist locations on foot, so transport costs are minimal. You can also save money by buying travel tickets or a tourist card.

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