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Bus tickets Przemysl - Warszawa

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Przemyśl is a small Polish town located 12 km from the border with Ukraine. Most buses and trains heading further west, to Warsaw, Krakow, Tarnów, Katowice, pass through it. The distance between Przemyśl and Warsaw is about 400 km, which is about 4-6 hours on the road. Many travellers do not stay in Przemyśl, usually it is a transit city from which you can get to other parts of Poland. You can buy tickets Przemyśl Warsaw on the INFOBUS website. Here you can also buy a return ticket or book a seat on other popular flights: Warsaw-Lviv, Przemyśl-Katowice, Przemyśl-Kyiv, Warsaw-Lviv, Przemyśl-Prague, etc.

Travelling from Przemyśl to Warsaw

Przemyśl attracts travellers thanks to its history, architecture, cultural monuments and local flavour. Here you can see the Old Town, majestic churches, medieval castle and central square. Over its thousand-year history, the city has managed to preserve numerous monuments, such as Przemyśl Castle, which has been standing since the Middle Ages. From here you can quickly get to the capital of Poland by taking the bus Przemyśl-Warsaw. Choose INFOBUS to save time and money.

Przemyśl is known for its authentic and pleasant atmosphere. If you are here, be sure to take time to visit the following locations:

- Przemyśl Citadel - a large-scale object of military architecture consisting of a fortress, an ancient arsenal and a tower;

- Roman Catholic Church of St Lawrence - one of the most prominent architectural structures of the city;

- Przemyśl Market (Rynek) - the heart of the city, where you can drink coffee and taste local delicacies, buy souvenirs and take photos;

- Komendantska Tower - a defensive structure that served to protect the city;

- The Museum of Przemyśl History - helps to learn more about the history of the city and the region;

- Shevchenko Park - a favourite place for walking and relaxing.

Majestic churches, palaces and centuries-old houses create a unique landscape. In addition to excursions, the city regularly hosts various cultural events, festivals and concerts that are of interest to locals and tourists alike.

How do I get from Przemyśl to Warsaw?

Many local carriers offer daily flights to the capital, which will help you to cover the distance of 400 km comfortably and without transfers. On the INFOBUS website you can find the current bus prices from Przemyśl. They can sometimes change depending on the route, season, luggage availability and other factors. On the company's website you can also find more detailed information about trips to other cities, discounts, luggage, and see the bus schedule Przemyśl - Warsaw.

You can have an interesting time in the Polish capital:

- you can explore the city from the 42-storey Palace of Culture and Science, the tallest building in Poland;

- take a stroll through Palace Square and be sure to visit the Royal Palace;

- sit on Chopin's musical bench;

- visit the National Museum, the Museum of the Polish Army and the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Museum;

- enjoy national dishes.

By the way, Warsaw itself is one of the largest cities in the country. It impresses with its modern architecture, large shopping centres, theatres and museums. Most of the city was rebuilt after the Second World War, which is why the city successfully combines modernity and antiquity. The old town has been restored after the Second World War and impresses with its medieval atmosphere. The Palace of Culture and Science, parks, museums and exhibition centres offer a variety of cultural options. Warsaw is also known for its lively streets, trendy shops and restaurants, which attract travellers from all over the world.

If you don't know how to get from Przemyśl to Warsaw, check out the various options from INFOBUS. Every day, comfortable buses depart from Warsaw's bus stations and travel all over Europe. Thousands of tourists from the CIS countries also frequently travel in Poland. To book a ticket, they go to the INFOBUS website, where they can choose a convenient travel time and book a seat.

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How do I book a bus ticket?

Log on to Enter Przemysl-Warszawa as departure and arrival city, departure date and click "Search". Among all flights with free seats, choose one, book a seat on the bus and pay online.

Are there travel restrictions Przemysl-Warszawa?

There are currently no general restrictions on travel Przemysl-Warszawa. But there are restrictions from carriers, which can be found in the flight description.

How many days before the trip is it best to look for tickets?

Most often carriers open ticket sales Przemysl-Warszawa for six months in advance, so you can search for a suitable flight as soon as you start planning your trip.

Will the ticket be cheaper for a direct flight or connecting flights?

In the direction Przemysl-Warszawa it is more profitable to travel with a connection. Information about connections is provided by the carrier.

Is it more profitable to purchase round trip tickets?

Buying a ticket Przemysl-Warszawa not in one direction, but immediately in the other, i.e. a round-trip ticket, you can save a lot, moreover - returning home you will not have to worry about whether there are seats left on the flight you need and whether the fare has gone up.

What does the price of bus tickets depend on?

The cost of tickets Przemysl-Warszawa depends on the company that operates the flight, the route itself, the class of seats and more. Often the price range varies depending on the season. You can see full information about prices in a currency convenient for you on our website.

How often do buses leave the city Przemysl?

There are carriers that provide buses to the city Warszawa daily. Departure schedules and availability of buses can be seen in the output when searching.

What buses run between Przemysl and Warszawa?

For trips Przemysl-Warszawa, single or double-decker buses of European class are provided as standard. You can find more precise information about the vehicle on a particular route while choosing each available option, including even photos.

Where else in Poland do buses to Warszawa depart from ?

Log in to the "Countries" section of and the system will give you a list of all the cities Poland from which you can get to Warszawa.

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