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Route Varna - Odessa

Weekdays: 19 Nov, 21 Nov, 26 Nov, 28 Nov, 3 Dec, 5 Dec, 10 Dec, 12 Dec, 17 Dec, 19 Dec
14:00 Varna Bus Station, 158 Vl.Varnenchik str.
15:20 Durankulak customs (BG-RO)
15:30 Vama-Veke customs (RO-BG)
16:45 Constanta Hotel Oriana
23:00 Giurgiuleşti customs (MD-RO)
02:00 Reni customs (UA-MD)
07:00 Odessa Bus Station, "Privoz"
Carrier: Maksimov Turs
Luggage: 1 bag up to 40kg (30x30x70)-free, every next from 1kg - 1EUR
Additional information: Carriage of small animals in cage - 70% of ticket price

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