Путешествия и Covid-19: актуальная информация о границах

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Travel Information

Опубликовано: 13.03.2020

Due to measures being taken related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, expect disruptions and cancellations to transportation services.


Planning a trip?


If you plan to travel but haven’t yet booked your trip, we suggest checking the travel advice of your national or local authority before doing so. If you still need to travel, consider buying a refundable or flexible ticket for extra peace of mind.


Until the situation stabilizes, we recommend buying tickets with an OPEN date of travel.

Buying a ticket with an open date gives you the following options:

  • Buy a ticket in advance;
  • Ability to leave on the first open flight;
  • Get information about the resumption of transportation in your chosen direction;
  • When registering a ticket, choose the most suitable day for your trip.

In order to issue a ticket with an open date, when searching for flights in the calendar, select the item “Ticket with an open date”.


Please check recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) on how to stay healthy while travelling: here.


Current restrictions on movement by country






 borders are closed before 31.05


 borders are closed before 12.06

 Czech Republic borders open to students and businessmen

 no entry for all foreigners; for all but those who have a residence permit in the republic

 Armenia  borders are closed  

 borders are closed 

 entry closed except EU citizens
 Germany  borders are closed

Citizens of the EU, UK, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and foreigners who have a residence permit are allowed to enter the country

 Italy   borders are closed before 03.06

 limited country travel


 entry is prohibited to foreigners from countries where coronavirus is detected

 Belarus   borders are open

 14-day self-isolation requirement for arrivals in the country


 borders are closed

 Azerbaijan  borders are closed

 for unlimited time, long-distance travel restrictions

 Austria   borders are closed 

 Citizens of the EU, UK, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and foreigners who have a residence permit are allowed to enter the country


 borders are closed 

 Slovakia   borders are closed before 27.05

 entry only for citizens of the country and foreigners who have a residence permit


 borders are closed

 entry closed except EU citizens
 France   borders are closed 

 EU citizens who have a residence permit, transit passengers at airports are allowed to enter the country

 Romania  borders are closed 

 Foreigners and stateless persons are prohibited from entering Romania, with the exception of transit, if it is organized by agreement with neighboring countries.


 borders are closed 

 Hungary   borders are closed before 15.06

 Ukrainians and citizens of neighboring countries of Hungary, who return home through Hungary, are allowed to transit from 21:00 to 5:00 daily by any means of transport


 borders are closed 


 borders are closed before 09.06

foreigners are not allowed entry until 30.06, but transit is allowed, you can cross the border with Romania  

 borders are closed before 31.05


 borders are closed before 31.05


 borders are closed

 entry closed except EU citizens

 borders are closed for an unlimited period


 borders are closed 


 unlimited quarantine


 Entry into the country is closed for foreigners for an indefinite period. Travel between Russian regions is limited.

 Entry to Russia does not apply to citizens of the CIS countries, Abkhazia and South Ossetia


Last update: 25/05/2020.




Before the trip, be sure to visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where you are going. And check out the current rules for visiting the country:

Czech Republic: http://www.szu.cz/tema/prevence/2019ncov or by the number of a specialized support line +420 724 810 106 or +420 725 191 367.

Ukraine: https://covid19.com.ua/#rec165642593 or by the number of a specialized support line +380 066 084 93 13

Belarus: http://minzdrav.gov.by/ru/dlya-belorusskikh-grazhdan/COVID-19/ or hotline phone +375(29) 156-85-65.
A hotline is open for Minsk residents +375(17) 334-34-68.

Poland: https://www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus


How can I return the bus ticket?


If you bought a ticket on the website or in the INFOBUS application, then you have 2 options:


1. Сhange your ticket to the "Open-ticket" status (if the carrier allows it).

Thus, your ticket will remain active and booked, and when the flights begin to run again, you just need to register tickets for the flight on our website.

In order to transfer the ticket to the "Open-ticket" status, please contact our call center.

2. To cancel a ticket due to the current situation - tickets will be returned only when contacting our customer service - https://infobus.eu/en/contacts.


How can I return the railway ticket?


-when paying in cash at the offices of the company:

KR Railway tickets can be returned only at the ticket offices of railway stations of Ukraine. The money will be returned directly to the ticket office of the station.

-when paying with a credit card on the website:

To return UKR Railways tickets, it is necessary to contact any ticket office of the railway station in Ukraine. At the box office you will be given a receipt with the specified amount to be returned. The money will be returned to the card.

Russian Railways and railway tickets of European countries can be returned personally, as well as a bus ticket (by clicking the link in E-mail or in your personal account). 


How can I return the plane ticket?


Tickets will be returned only when contacting our customer service - https://infobus.eu/en/contacts.



Due to the high volume of emails we have been receiving regarding to the current suspensions of trips, our response time may be delayed.

We will answer your email as soon as possible.

We thank you for your patience and apologise for the inconvenience.

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Good morning! I saw on your site that there is a bus-line from Ljubljana to Venice. I'm an italian erasmus student here in Ljubljana and I'm planning to come back home in Italy in the beginning of June. Will this bus be available between 4-6th of June?


Hello, Marco. At this moment, in our system has route from Ljubljana to Venice at the of June between 4-6th . Information from carriers is updated very often in connection with the current situation. We recommend that you contact our Call Center (https://infobus.eu/contacts) before purchasing and specify the relevance of the route. Regards, INFOBUS!


Good Morning My friend is in Spain on vacation. You have to go back to Ukraine, if air transport has been restored in early May. Will your buses run on May 3, on the Odesa -> Nova Kajovka route? thanks for your help


Hello, Jordi. At this moment, in our system has Warsaw-Minsk routs at the of May 3. Information from carriers is updated very often in connection with the current situation. We recommend that you contact our Call Center (https://infobus.eu/contacts) before purchasing and specify the relevance of the route. Regards, INFOBUS!


Добрий день.Чи є якісь маршрути автобусів до кордону з Україною?


Доброго дня, Галино. Уточніть, бдь ласка, країну та місто Вашого перебування і ми перевіримо інформацію. Також Ви можете звертатися у нашу цілодобову службу підтримки - https://infobus.eu/contacts. З повагою, INFOBUS!


Is their buses going to boryspil airport kyiv after 18 march 2020?


Hello. Please, specify place of departure and we will check information. Regards, INFOBUS!


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