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Перевізник LEO Express

Рейтинг перевізника
Оцінили: 13

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     Lviv - Katowice  

    Punktualny, komfortowy

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     Rzeszow - Lviv  

    Autobusy są w porządku, prócz obsługi. Pan, który sprawdzał bilety był nie miły, a czasem arogancki. A gdy chciałam się napić kawy, to niestety nie mając euro, franków lub złotówek nie mogłam tego dokonać mając hrywny (pomijam fakt, że jechałam na Ukrainę z ukraińską załogą) ale uważam, że takie drobiazgi, ale czasem przykre. Zatem życzę powodzenia dla przewoźnika.

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     Wien - Olomouc  

    the bus was clean, the stewardess was helpful and sympathic. But still I feel like travelling with another company (SA) is better, they offer better service and also have this small television on every seat. But if there is a night bus, I understand, that mostly people want to sleep in the night.

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     Wien - Lviv  

    Infobus office was very responsive when getting information about the arrival (thank you). The Leo Express bus was an ok standard, clean, with a coffee machine and toilet. They also had an attendant who spoke English for the journey and was very nice and helpful. Not my first journey with Leo Express, however it might be my last. The journey was very badly managed by the drivers. In a 14 hour journey, there was not one stop where we could buy food or drink or have a longer break. This is unacceptable. I have never experienced that in any long bus journey. The stops seemed very random and mainly for smoking. Also the driver who dealt with luggage did not put the Leo Express tags on the luggage, so anyone could have taken anyone's bag. Leo Express need to ensure each journey and all drivers follow the same standards. Otherwise it is a lottery and is not fair on passengers.

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     Lviv - Katowice  

    I`m traveling to Lviv since 2004 and it was the best travel on highest quality by bus in all this period. Congratularions "Leo". From now you are my line !!!

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