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Total ratings: 102 Carrier ratings: 2,7
Vehicle: 2,7
Service staff: 2,7
Price and quality: 2,7

Traveler reviews of carriers

  • 5,0
    Sofia - Praga


  • 3,0
    İstanbul - Sofia

    The coordination between your company and Arda tour was not good, and we received no tickets from Arda tour. We had to get in the bus with your tickets, without number seats. We had to move several times to another seat (they gave us a paper with the seat numbers, but other passages with official tickets had the same seat number). And we were very nervous, because if the bus got full in any stop, we could have problems.

    Besides, some passengers and the drivers did not put on masks

    INFOBUS Administrator of the 11.01.2022

    Hello, Javier!

    Please specify in more detail. Did the driver tell you that you wouldn’t sit on this tickets?

    The carrier provided us with information on free seating in tha bus.


    3 hours before the depart we went to the office. After 20 minutes, they told us everything was ok, we did not need additional tickets. But in your tickets there are not seat numbers.

    When we got in, the controller told us we did need regular tickets with seat numbers as everybody.

    He went to the office to ask for them, and come with a post-it with the numbers of the seats.

    Later on other passengers got in with regular tickets with the same seat numbers, but written down on a regular ticket, not on a post-it

    In the trip from Sofia to Istanbul, with another company, they gave us regular tickets with seat numbers when we showed the E-Tickets.

    I hope it is clear enough

    INFOBUS Administrator of the 11.01.2022

    Thank you. Your review has been sent to the carrier. The carrier company provides us with free seating.

    We hope to fix it soon.

  • 2,0
    İstanbul - Sofia

    We had to change the bus in the middle of the night without the communication of the bus driver. First, they told us that people going (from Istanbul) to Sofia can stay, but suddenly we had to leave. Some basic info in English would have been helpful. Moreover, the light above the seats did not work, same with the WIFI (!). Apart from that, the bus left in time and arrived more or less in time, which was at least something good!

  • 1,0
    Vienna - Prague

    This is a lie. SCAM ALERT!!! they never appear we stay one hour before and one hour later and no bus for this company. No one to ask. Worst customer services ever. Is all a lie.

    I bougth 3 tickets From Wein to Prague and never they appear. Is a shame.

    INFOBUS Administrator of the 04.10.2021

    Hello, Sylvia Iliana Imbaquingo Pulles!

    Please specify where did you expect the bus? Also, did you call the phone number indicated on the ticket when you did not see the bus?

    Sylvia Iliana Imbaquingo Pulles04.10.2021

    Hello. We go to the place indicated on the ticket and my husband use too the qr code. We call and noone pick up the phone. The qr code put the place on the parte of the Black of the mall. We Were on station. Its puts on screen a bus comes at 8 but nothing. Noone to ask. Is the worst service ever. On Internet When We saw they put There isnt any bus.

    Sylvia Iliana Imbaquingo Pulles04.10.2021

    Hello. We go to the place indicated on the ticket and my husband use too the qr code. We call and noone pick up the phone. The qr code put the place on the part of the Back of the mall. We Were on station they Said on the gate 8(as put in ticket too) Its puts on screen a bus comes at 8am but nothing we stay till 9 and 15. Noone to ask for this. Is the worst service ever. On Internet When We saw they put There isnt any bus that Way. So we think is a SCAM

    INFOBUS Administrator of the 04.10.2021

    Thanks for the answer.

    The carrier's decision will be provided to the email address specified in the order.

  • 3,0
    Sofia - İstanbul

    Services included mentioned “Wifi” on the site, however that’s not true. For someone who’s visiting and doesn’t speak the language, I was relying heavily on the wifi service throughout the trip. Really disappointing to see false advertising there. 30 mins delay departure, and 2 hours late arrival. I would’ve prepared myself ahead of time if I knew I’d be left ~12 hours with no connection whatsoever. Ended up turning on my pay-per-use service for less than 5 mins of texting which costed me well over $20 on its own.

    Some general feedback: We ended up departing 30 minutes later than expected, and arriving 2 hours after the initial mentioned time. Vehicle was nothing special, but was alright. The driver was very dry and answered rudely because he couldn’t understand English when I approached him to ask for the wifi -which turns out they didn’t offer. Price was great, no complaints there. Much cheaper than alternative methods.

  • 1,0
    Berlin - Prague

    I do not recommend this company to travel. For me, the trip with ArdaTur was a good lesson - not to look for the lowest price, but to use already well-known bus companies that really provide comfort.

    1. I traveled from Berlin to Prague. The ticket was bought for 14 euros, the departure was at 12 o'clock.

    I was at the main bus station in Berlin at 11 o'clock in the morning. I could not find my platform and decided to use the infobus help number, which was provided on the company's website with a note that this number can be called if a person cannot find a departure point. I called this number 3 times. The operator put me in the waiting queue, as soon as the queue reached me, the call from the operator was dropped.

    Immediately I want to add to the experience of communication with infobus. Before the trip, I sent messages asking to inform me about the current rules inside the bus because of coronavirus.

    They told that they do not give such information.

    When I didn't get reached an infobus, I saw another number on the ticket, as I understood , ArdaTur carrier number. I called this number and asked where in Berlin I should wait for my bus.

    The woman on the line gave me the address, which is 2 minutes from the main station. The address given to me by an ArdaTur employee led me to a simple Berlin highway. There is no intercity bus station on Messedamm 2-4. Please fix this on your website, as your operators do not know where the bus is leaving from and send people over the phone in the wrong direction.

    2. Somewhere half an hour before the departure (11:30) I started looking for information from which platform the bus will leave.

    The worker from flixbus helped me, he looked in the system, and told me that the bus from Berlin station leaves at 11 o'clock.

    I went to the timetables and indeed, my departure was written at 11 am.

    It was 12 o'clock in the morning on my ticket. I checked the site all morning for any changes, but I was not shown any changes on the site.

    But the bus came. Approximately somewhere at 12. And this is a mystery. I still did not understand why the departure was written at 11 o'clock in all the lists of the station, while the time was 12 on my ticket.

    It turns out they were late for an hour. I had the wrong time on my ticket and was just lucky.☹

    3. Departure

    The bus turns out and so late for an hour. But when the doors opened, all passengers and crew went out for a 10-minute smoke break.

    I got on the bus.

    The woman, who points to the seat on the bus, screamed at the whole bus for half an hour trying to find out something about tickets. She did not speak loudly, but screamed. Those. instead of 12 in which +/- we fit, we left at 12: 30/40 from behind the screaming of this woman. Why it was impossible to quickly check tickets - I don't know.

    4. The bus itself is not comfortable. Small distance between the seats.


    6. Prepare that there will be stops in 2.30 hours. Despite the fact that 60 km from Prague the bus stopped. Nobody let out passengers. But the driver was smoking on the street.

    Take care of yourself and travel with trusted companies

    INFOBUS Administrator of the 06.08.2021


    Thank you for your feedback. All your comments have been sent to the carrier. It is a pity that the trip brought you such discomfort.

  • 5,0
    Sofia - İstanbul


  • 3,0
    Prague - Budapest

    2 hours delay, the driver said it was because of czech traffic, but they were doing pauses every single hour

  • 1,0
    Thessaloniki - Sofia

    I booked the ticket for the 1st of January.. I was informed that due to holiday the selected route wouldn't operate (although they charged me with the amount). They told me to send an email in order to get a refund for it but two weeks later now I have no response from them. This is just unacceptable and unprofessional.

  • 4,0
    Budapest - Praha

    Very good bus, and always look at to the safety. However may need pay attention the pick point must be inside of terminal, so every passanger know exactly the pick up point, particularly if the midnight.

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