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ArdaTur Phone: +420773921293
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Total ratings: 37

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Haskovo - Thessaloniki (06:15) Haskovo - Thessaloniki (09:00)
Haskovo - Thessaloniki (11:00) Haskovo - Thessaloniki (20:15)
Haskovo - Thessaloniki (08:00) Thessaloniki - Haskovo (08:00)
Thessaloniki - Haskovo (15:30) Thessaloniki - Haskovo (00:30)
Haskovo - Plzeň - Nurnberg (until 16.12.2017) Nurnberg - Plzeň - Haskovo (until 18.12.2017)
Varna - Berlin Berlin - Varna
Innsbruck - Haskovo Haskovo - Innsbruck
Haskovo - Wien - Praha (05:15)


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    | 14.10.2017 Budapest - Sofia

    Очень милие люди, и щофёр хороший, но была задержка (хотья понимаю, что это не была обьязательно вина вашей компании) - я долго ждала в Будапещи. И тоже, ужасно тёплый, даже горячий автобус...

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    | 05.10.2017 Салоники - София

    Вполне приличная компания, каких-либо особых замечаний и пожеланий нет.

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    | 03.10.2017 Sofia - Wien

    Four major problems. First, my seat was sold twice! I bought my ticket online, some poor guy bought the same seat number in the station, and he was not happy about it. Luckily, another passenger translated that he was not unhappy with me, but with Arda Tur. Eventually an Arda Tur agent found an empty seat for me and the other guy. Second, three people were playing Chalga music, and worse, all night, at max volume, 16 hour trip, on their mobile phone speakers, even after being given headphones. The bus driver didn’t stop them and it made it impossible to sleep. Third, we were 1-2 hours late. Fourth, wifi was disconnected halfway through the trip and my roaming didn’t work in Serbia. The only nice thing was getting some free snacks during the trip.

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    | 02.10.2017 Прага - Берлин

    Рейс был задержан на 2 часа. Когда вернулись на автостанцию в праге через 1ч40 мин сказали что автобус уехал 5 мин назад. Не рекомендую пользоваться данной компанией

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    | 29.09.2017 Praha - Wien

    This company made a 3hour ride into a 5 hour ride for no apparent reason. We stopped in EVERY rest area ever. It felt like every 10 minutes we made a stop. Super frustrating! I got to my destination late. The bus had wifi thankfully so I could contact the person I was meeting.

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