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Carrier ratings REGABUS
Total ratings: 5

All routes of this carrier

043 Praga - Tyachev 043 Прага - Тячев
145 Chernivtsi - Praha (from 01.06) 145 Praha - Chernivtsi (from 01.06)
145 Прага - Черновцы (от 01.06) 145 Черновцы - Прага (от 01.06)
350 Liberec - Praha - Rakhov (from 19.06) 350 Rakhov - Praha (from 01.06)
350 Rakhov - Praha - Liberec (from 19.06) 350 Либерец - Прага - Рахов (от 19.06)
350 Рахов - Прага (от 01.06) 350 Рахов - Прага - Либерец (от 19.06)
473 Kiev - Karlovy Vary (from 14.08) 473 Карловы Вары - Прага - Киев (от 14.08)
473 Киев - Карловы Вары (1)(от 14.08) 473 Киев - Карловы Вары (от 14.08)

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    | 31.03.2017 Прага - Львов

    Vse super. Kava , chaj. U koznogo svij televizor, nichto nikomu ne mishav. Rezetky bilja koznogo, shcho duze zruchno. Jichala pershyj raz z Pragy v Lviv . Zadovolena pijizdkoju.

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    | 03.02.2017 Praha - Kiev

    Autobus supr.....

  • 1
    | 25.12.2016 Krakow - Lviv

    Our travel agent recommended Rega bus because of their ratings. I am not sure who these people are that rated this company very high. This was the worst experience I have had travelling over the past 40 years. When the bus showed up and we were allowed to board there were people already sitting in our seats(5). Those people had the same seats assigned as we did. The people on the bus did not seem concerned. Maybe they are used to this. The bus driver did not speak one word of English, he actually yelled at us and pointed at a few open seats scattered around the bus. This bus was not open and spacious. There was no room to store a backpack. Given the lack of communication and caring shown, we decided that we were not going to take this bus in case there were other problems during the 8-hour bus ride. We went back to our hotel in Krakow, stayed another day and booked a flight out.

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    on time to krakow, but the staff did not say english

  • 1

    The bus had 50 minutes delay a midnight so staying in the bus station in krakow without knowing if it is going to come or not.

    The crew was not polite we did not get the seats that were reserved.

    Very bad.

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