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Total ratings: 11 Carrier ratings: 3,6
Vehicle: 3,6
Service staff: 3,7
Price and quality: 3,6
Traveler reviews of carriers
  • Brasov - Praha

    Travel back from Romania was great and fast, looking forward to travel again with you guys :-)

  • Budapest - Chisinau

    Ultime amintiri legate de calatorie cu autocar nu sunt din cele mai bune, dar de data asta a fost cu totul altfel.

    Un autocar confortabil, prize, wifi, loc pentru picioarw, insotitor de bord, opriri anuntate, ne-au si hranit. Ceaioc si cafea bonis placut.

    Soferii foarte amabili, profesionisti. Foarte multumita de calatorie. Alt nivel. Multumim si recomandam!

  • Budapest - Brasov

    No air con, the charging ports on our chair were not working, the wifi was not available. These were all advertised. For €50 much more is expected.

    09.08.2021 Administrator of the INFOBUS

    Hello, Calin.

    Thank you for the feedback.

    We are sorry that you were not satisfied with the trip.

    Indeed, the carrier announce that conditions must be in the bus.

    Due to the discrepancy between the announced information and the real conditions in the bus, we have charged you a compensation to your customer's bonus card.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Regards, INFOBUS!

  • Brno - Tecuci

    I begin by saying that the bus is very well serviced and the driver was careful and arrived at the destination fast. There is one USB port per one person and additionally there is an 220V socket per 2 seats.

    For the price I paid I was suprized that it included a hot meal.

    Now, the only problem I have with them is that they dropped me off on the outskirts of the city and not even drive me to a train station or a bus station. I had to walk with my baggage 40 minutes to the train station. I understand why not but really, you can't spare 5 minutes to drive me at least close enough so I won't bruise my hands.

  • Brno - Brasov


  • Chisinau - Budapest

    One thing that surprized me the most is a free lunch in Romania. I've never seen other bus companies do anything like that.

    On the other hand, the vehicle is not equipped with sockets and the chairs are not comfortable - they force you into having bad posture.

  • Budapest - Chisinau

    The driver came an hour later. I called him twice but he kept saying he's on the way. He didn't enter the bus station even though it was supposedly the meeting point. He stopped 300 meters away from the bus station picked up a few people and went away. Since I ran out of money on my phone, I started texting the driver and busline employees. They tried to put the blame on me for not knowing the exact location, although I was waiting on the spot marked by an infobus employee on Google maps.

    By the way, the driver didn't call me, not even once. They know who is supposed to get on the bus and where but the just left me without a call or anything.

    I was provided with a bus (from a different company) the next day.

    09.07.2019 EXPRESS BUSLINE

    Здравствуйте, у пассажира был телефон выключен, когда я позвонил за день до отъезда, чтобы объяснить время и место !! + когда водитель приблизился к будапешту был вызван на телефон который указаны в билете, который снова был отключен, я попробовал viber не было доступно !!! У меня есть доказательство того, что Пассажир пишет на вайбере, что интернет плохой, и может просто написать сообщение !! после чего он не ответил !

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