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Bus tickets Orhei - Praha

Book bus tickets Orhei - Praha on Find out the ticket prices and timetable of buses from Orhei. Low prices from carriers for coaches Orhei - Praha. Plan your trip to the city Praha, Czech Republic with us.

Price: 1553.19 MDL Booking

Route on map

How from Orhei quickly reach the center of Praha in 2024. Routes of buses on the map with stops. From where do the coaches in Orhei depart and where they arrive at Praha. Travel time by bus: how many hours coach go to Czech Republic, the distance in kilometers.


How do I book a bus ticket?

Go to the main page of our website, enter the parameters you need Orhei, Praha and departure date into the search engine and choose among the available departures the one you like the most based on your preferences in terms of carriers, time and place of departure and arrival, prices, conditions, etc.. Once you have made your choice, you can reserve the required number of seats and make payment during the validity period of the reservation up to 24 hours.

Are there travel restrictions Orhei-Praha?

After issuing a ticket, you will receive an electronic ticket Orhei-Praha with the specified carrier number. By this phone number you can contact the dispatcher and clarify the restrictions on your flight.

How long before departure to look for a ticket Orhei-Praha?

You can search for a ticket Orhei-Praha even on the day of departure. The system will give you a list of all flights that still have seats available. However, to avoid a shortage of seats, we recommend that you search for tickets as early as possible.

Will the ticket be cheaper for a direct flight or connecting flights?

When purchasing round-trip tickets Orhei-Praha, some carriers offer a discount to passengers, provided the purchase is made in one order and for one passenger. Details of the discounts can be obtained by contacting the customer support team at

Is it more profitable to purchase round trip tickets?

Often yes. Carrier companies often offer discounts on round-trip tickets Orhei-Praha provided you choose the same flight from the same carrier both ways.

How much does a bus ticket cost?

The price of a ticket on the direction Orhei-Praha depends on the company that performs this flight, route, availability of connections, etc. You can pay by bank card online through a suitable payment system, or make a bank transfer to the details. Payment on the bus is not possible, as your seat reservation is valid for up to 24 hours, after which it is automatically withdrawn by the server, and your reserved seat is returned to the sale. That is, when you board the vehicle there may be no free seat.

How long is the drive?

From Orhei, the journey will take approximately from 23 hour 10 min. before 29 hour 45 min..

How often do buses leave the city Orhei?

From the city of Orhei, most buses depart daily. Some carriers have a separate schedule with designated departure days. For details, contact customer service at

How fast does the bus pass the border Czech Republic?

Often the process of passing through customs when entering Czech Republic takes less time than in the opposite direction, but no one can predict the situation at the border today/tomorrow/next week. Carriers build into the duration of their flights a standard time for passing through controls, but we always emphasize to passengers the need to plan their trip with a mandatory time margin.

Which carriers operate flights Orhei-Praha?

Bus service Orhei-Praha is operated by several carriers: «Ledianta Tur», «Elastica», «Miditesco», «ООО "SARVALTEH AUTO"», «EXPRESS BUSLINE», «FIRMA GALIZ-SV S.R.L.»

What kind of buses do they take?

All flight details are listed directly next to each route Orhei-Praha at the selection stage. If you have any additional questions, you can contact our 24-hour support team at any time convenient for you.

At which stations can you take the bus Orhei-Praha?

Buses to Praha depart from bus stations: Bus Station, Petrol station "PETROM", Petrol station "BEMOL"

From which cities Moldova are there outings to the city Praha?

Log on to Under "Countries" select Moldova and the system will give you a list of the largest cities in the country from which buses depart.

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