• Adults Over 12 y.o.
  • Childs From 2 to 12 y.o.
  • Infants Without seat

Route Kosiv - Moskva

Strybko V.M.
Weekdays: 24 Oct, 27 Oct, 31 Oct, 3 Nov, 7 Nov, 10 Nov, 14 Nov, 17 Nov, 21 Nov, 24 Nov
  1. 09:00Kosiv Bus Station, 13 Nebesnoy Sotni str.
  2. 10:00Kolomyya Bus Station, Antonenka-Davydovycha str.
  3. 11:30Ivano-Frankivsk Bus Station-2, 14а Gorbachevskogo str.
  4. 12:30Monastyryska Bus Station, 58 T.Shevchenka str.
  5. 13:00Buchach Bus Station, 10A Galytska str.
  6. 14:30Ternopil Bus Station, 7 Zhyvova str.
  7. 15:30Kremenets Bus Station, 138 Dubenska str.
  8. 16:20Dubno Bus Station, 26 Zabrama str.
  9. 17:20Rivne Bus Station, 40 Kiyevska str.
  10. 18:45Novohrad-Volynskyi Bus Station, 45 Shevchenka str.
  11. 20:20Zhytomyr Bus Station, 93 Kievskaya str.
  12. 22:30Kyiv Parking under the bridge, opposite of the Bus Station, "Centralniy", 1 Prospekt Nauki / 3 Moskovskaja sq.
  13. 23:30Boryspil Airport
  14. 02:00Senkivka (Chernihivska obl.) customs  (UA-RU)
  15. 03:40Novye Yurkovichi customs
  16. 11:30Moskva Bus Station "Novoyasenevskaya", Novoyasenenvsky tupik 4
  • Carrier: Strybko V.M.
  • Additional information: PASSING UKRAINIAN-RUSSIAN BORDER IS CARRIED OUT ON FOOT MODE 1. PRESENCE OF THE PASSPORT OF A CITIZEN OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION; 2. PRESENCE OF THE DOCUMENT FOR A PERMANENT RESIDENCE AND TERRITORY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION (travel is possible on the Ukrainian Passport); 3. INVITATION TO WORK TO THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION FOR A CITIZEN OF UKRAINE (travel is possible on the Ukrainian Passport, this invitation must also be registered at the checkpoint of the Russian customs), and the presence of a skaten. 4. GUEST INVITATION TO CLOSE RELATIVES (father, mother, sister, brother, children). Travel is possible on the Ukrainian foreign passport. 5. THE TRIP IS ALSO PERMITTED FOR TREATMENT IN THE MEDICAL INSTITUTION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. FOR THIS, THERE SHOULD BE AN INVITATION REFERENCE FROM THIS MEDICAL INSTITUTION, THE MEDICAL HISTORY OF THE DISEASE IS CONFIRMED BY THE MEDICAL INSTITUTION ITSELF IN WHICH. 6. Financial costs for passing customs control points are not included in the ticket p
  • Luggage: 1 bag (50*50*30) - free of charge, every next (1 piece 50*50*30) - 10% of the ticket price. Maximum luggage 30 kg/person. Animals, wheels, bicycles are forbidden. Stroller 20% of the ticket price.

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