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Bus Stop, 2 Pryvokzalna sq., bakery "Bulochky"

Bus Stop, 2 Pryvokzalna sq., bakery "Bulochky": bus schedule for the station, departure time for international and suburban buses in 2021 year. Online timetable with a list of buses and departures schedule during week. Information about the availability, ticket prices and online booking.

Bus timetable

Departure and arrival Route Time on way During week
17:30 – 08:30 OdessaKharkiv OdessaKobleveMykolaivKhersonNova KakhovkaVelyka LepetyhaKamianka-DniprovskaEnerhodarDniprorydneVasylivka (Zaporizska obl.)ZaporizhiaZaporizhiaZaporizhiaDniproDniproDniproKrasnohradKharkivKharkivKharkiv

15 h. 0 min.

Each day

17:30 – 08:30 OdessaKharkiv OdessaKobleveMykolaivKhersonNova KakhovkaBeryslavZaporizhiaZaporizhiaZaporizhiaDniproDniproDniproKrasnohradKharkivKharkivKharkiv

15 h. 0 min.

Each day

17:50 – 08:15 OdessaGoptovka (Kharkivska obl.) OdessaKobleveMykolaivKhersonNova KakhovkaMelitopolZaporizhiaDniproKharkivGoptovka (Kharkivska obl.)

14 h. 25 min.

Each day

18:00 – 06:00 OdessaSumy OdessaSumy

12 h. 0 min.

Each day

18:40 – 09:30 OdessaKharkiv OdessaKobleveMykolaivKhersonNova KakhovkaVelyka LepetyhaKamianka-DniprovskaEnerhodarDniprorydneVasylivka (Zaporizska obl.)ZaporizhiaZaporizhiaDniproDniproKrasnohradKharkiv

14 h. 50 min.

Each day

19:00 – 08:00 OdessaKharkiv OdessaKobleveMykolaivKhersonBashtankaNovyi BuhKazanka (Mykolaivska obl.)Kryvyi RihZaporizhiaDniproKharkiv

13 h. 0 min.

Each day

20:00 – 05:30 OdessaKharkiv OdessaKobleveMykolaivBashtankaNovyi BuhKazanka (Mykolaivska obl.)Kryvyi RihDniproKharkiv

9 h. 30 min.

Each day

Attention! The bus timetable for Bus Stop, 2 Pryvokzalna sq., bakery "Bulochky" in the city of Odessa contains only buses, which are available for booking in our service INFOBUS. Perhaps, some of the departures from station are not listed in this table.

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