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Route 386 Yampol - Khmelnytskyy

11:10 Yampil (Khmelnitska obl.) Request stop
11:16 Tykhomel Request stop
11:21 Vodychky (Belogorsky r-n) Request stop
11:27 Sushivtsi Request stop
11:33 Zhemelyntsi Request stop
11:41 Mokrovolya Request stop
11:50 Bilogirya (Khmelnytska obl.) Bus Station
11:59 Semeniv (Bilogorskiy r-n) Request stop
12:08 Denysivka (Khmelnytska obl.) Request stop
12:13 Danylivka (Khmelnytska obl.) Request stop
12:19 Turivka (Teofipilskiy r-n) Request stop
12:26 Korovye Request stop
12:35 Teofipol (Khmelnitska obl.) Bus Station ul.Shchorsa, 23
12:43 Pidlisky, Khmelnytska obl Request stop
12:51 Karaina Request stop
13:03 Bazalia Request stop
13:14 Bogdanivka (Khmelnytska obl.) Request stop
13:22 Kupil Request stop
13:31 Gaidaiky (Хмельницька обл.) Request stop
13:41 Pisarivka (Volochiskiy r-n) Request stop
13:46 Viitivtsi (Khmelnytska obl.) Request stop
14:01 Bokyiivka Request stop
14:55 Khmelnytskyi Bus Station, 23 Vinnytske shose str.
15:00 Khmelnytskyi Bus Station - 2, Shechenko str. 66
Carrier: Podillya Tour
Additional information: БАЗ ВХ 0180 АА ATAMAN ВХ 4501 ВМ

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