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Buses Praha - Ivano-Frankivsk

Buy bus and coach tickets Praha - Ivano-Frankivsk: where and how to book bus tickets to Ukraine, the cost of the trip to Ivano-Frankivsk in your own. Timetable of buses on the route. List of coaches to Ivano-Frankivsk and back, including departures today. Get from Praha to Ivano-Frankivsk cheaply and without tiring night crossings, the passengers comments about the trip.

Bus Schedule

Departure and arrival Time on way During week
10:00 – 05:30 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

19 h. 30 min.


11:20 – 08:55 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

21 h. 35 min.

Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

12:00 – 13:25 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

25 h. 25 min.

Mon, Fri

12:30 – 08:45 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

20 h. 15 min.

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

13:00 – 08:50 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

19 h. 50 min.

Each day

13:00 – 12:00 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

23 h. 0 min.

Each day

14:00 – 10:10 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

20 h. 10 min.

Mon, Sun

14:00 – 12:20 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

22 h. 20 min.


14:30 – 11:00 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

20 h. 30 min.

Mon, Thu, Sun

14:30 – 11:00 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

20 h. 30 min.


15:15 – 13:10 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

21 h. 55 min.

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun

16:00 – 14:20 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

22 h. 20 min.

Mon, Tue, Fri

16:00 – 13:00 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

21 h. 0 min.

Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun

16:00 – 13:10 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

21 h. 10 min.

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun

16:00 – 13:00 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

21 h. 0 min.

Mon, Tue, Fri

16:20 – 13:00 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

20 h. 40 min.

Mon, Tue, Fri

16:30 – 14:20 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

21 h. 50 min.

Mon, Tue, Fri

18:00 – 12:00 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

18 h. 0 min.

Fri, Sat, Sun

18:00 – 11:00 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

17 h. 0 min.

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun

19:30 – 12:50 PrahaIvano-Frankivsk

17 h. 20 min.

Thu, Sat

Route on map

How from Praha quickly reach the center of Ivano-Frankivsk in 2018. Routes of buses on the map with stops. From where do the coaches in Praha depart and where they arrive at Ivano-Frankivsk. Travel time by bus: how many hours coach go to Ukraine, the distance in kilometers.

Passenger reviews about trip

Denysivka-PlusLviv - Krakow

Good, fast, comfortable and even helped us with our ticket problem. Has charger, wifi, tv and free snacks. 5/5

D.M.D. GroupDelatyn - Lviv

I have traveled from Delatyn to Lviv on January the 23rd. Despite I could not understand the language I had a very pleasant trip, and both the driver and the person checking the ticket have been very kind, proving as well helpful and attentive in…

D.M.D. GroupKalush - Krakow

Very nice trip, good experience with the carrier. it was warm inside the bus. Arrive to the place even before scheduled time.

Nikolo CZ s.r.o.Hradec Králové - Nysa


PKP Denysivka-PlusIvano-Frankivsk - Brno

Not bad, but missing toilets. Othes things are fine. And there is no movies, only TV channels

Nikolo CZ s.r.o.Прага - Ополе

The drivers are careful

Nikolo CZ s.r.o.

I would say it was ok. Not definitely the most comfortable seats, which I have seen. The drivers were kind and professional. Yeah, a lot of stuff packed in the bus too.

PKP Denysivka-Plus

It was pretty good bus. very comfortable with a lot of space for feet. Seats are with distance. The crew were nice as well.

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