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Bus tickets Lviv - Ivano-Frankivsk

Book bus tickets Lviv - Ivano-Frankivsk on Find out the ticket prices and timetable of buses from Lviv. Low prices from carriers for coaches Lviv - Ivano-Frankivsk. Plan your trip to the city Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine with us.

Price: 195 UAH Booking

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Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk are located in western Ukraine. They are both very popular with tourists, have excellent transport links, offer unique experiences and a huge cultural diversity. The distance between Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk is only 100 km, so residents of both cities visit each other frequently. Lviv is a city with a rich history and a fascinating atmosphere. The streets of the Old Town, its colourful architecture, various museums, cafes and restaurants, and wonderful atmosphere will make your trip unforgettable. Ivano-Frankivsk also impresses with its natural beauty and hospitality.

If you need to cover this route quickly and comfortably, study the bus schedule Lviv Ivano-Frankivsk , choose a trip on the desired date and book bus tickets. This type of transport will quickly take passengers to their destination. Comfortable soft seats, beautiful views and pleasant companions will make your trip to Western Ukraine as pleasant as possible.

Study the bus schedule Lviv Ivano-Frankivsk and get ready for the trip

Travelling between the two cities is fast and comfortable thanks to a well-developed transport system. Every day, dozens of buses run from Lviv to Frankivsk from morning to evening, covering the route in 2-4 hours. You can book tickets online on the INFOBUS website to avoid going to the station. Here you can find the current schedule of buses Lviv Ivano-Frankivsk , as well as other popular routes Lviv-Warsaw, Lviv-Uzhhorod, Ivano-Frankivsk-Warsaw, Lviv-Prague, Lviv-Kyiv, Krakow-Ivano-Frankivsk.

Lviv has the largest number of architectural monuments in Western Ukraine, its city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is consistently ranked first in global tourism rankings. You can also travel from Lviv by train or car, but it is better to choose a bus on the INFOBUS website due to a number of advantages:

          - affordable ticket prices;

          - frequent bus services;

          - flexible departure schedules;

          - convenient routes without transfers;

          - the ability to buy or return a ticket online.

Many buses Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk have comfortable seats, free Wi-Fi and other comfortable conditions for passengers. Flights from Lviv regularly depart to different parts of not only Ukraine but also Europe: Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Germany, etc. Lviv has the status of a tourist capital. Hundreds of travellers come here every day, discovering the legendary city of the Lion in a new way. A magnificent panorama of the whole of Lviv opens up from the High Castle mountain. According to legend, it was the place where Danylo Halytskyi founded the city and built the first defensive fortress, which, unfortunately, has not been preserved. It offers a great view of the city, and the surrounding parks amaze with their beauty and cosiness at any time of the year.

Bus ticket price Lviv - Ivano-Frankivsk: where to look?

On the INFOBUS website you can find ticket prices, schedules and routes of bus services between the mentioned cities. Sometimes the price of a bus Lviv Ivano-Frankivsk may vary depending on the conditions of the carrier, season, transfers, bus class, etc. The average ticket price for today is 200 UAH. If you have chosen a trip from the bus schedule and the price suits you, book your tickets. Fill out the order form, make a payment and save the virtual ticket until the end of the trip.

In terms of popularity and number of cultural attractions, Ivano-Frankivsk is not inferior to Lviv. Today it is a modern European city that is rapidly developing in all spheres of life. Over the past few years, Ivano-Frankivsk has become one of the leading residential centres in Ukraine, and due to its unique location, it is considered one of the cleanest cities in the country. There are also dozens of interesting sights and tourist locations that are definitely worth seeing. If you are travelling to Ivano-Frankivsk as a tourist, do the following:

          - climb the Town Hall, the symbol of the city and its tallest building;

          - visit the Potocki Palace, the residence of Polish magnates;

          - walk along Stometrivka, the main pedestrian street of the city;

          - have a coffee on Ivan Trush Street, the smallest street in Ivano-Frankivsk;

          - have breakfast and buy souvenirs at Urban Space 100;

          - visit the Bastion, the city's ancient fort.

Ivano-Frankivsk is a city of contrasts, combining creative murals, old buildings, and modern works of art. In winter, a trip here will be especially magical. You can visit the Carpathian Mountains or other natural attractions nearby, take part in local festivals and fairs to get a real experience of local culture and traditions, and try local delicacies. Find out the current bus schedule and bus ticket prices from Lviv on the INFOBUS website, where you can also get information about discounts, luggage, etc. Check seat availability and book tickets for the desired date today!

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How to purchase bus tickets Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk?

You can purchase tickets Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk at On the main page of the site in the appropriate boxes enter the ticket search parameters in the form of names of departure and arrival cities and dates of departure and arrival. The system will provide you with a list of all available flights with free seats, select a flight, book a seat on the bus and make an online payment.

Are there any restrictions on travel?

There are currently no restrictions on the route Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk. However, individual restrictions are set by carriers, based on the conditions of transportation and transport. Please refer to the flight description to familiarize yourself with the travel restrictions.

When is the best time to look for a ticket Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk?

You can search for a ticket Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk even on the day of departure. The system will give you a list of all flights that still have seats available. However, to avoid a shortage of seats, we recommend that you search for tickets as early as possible.

Will the ticket be cheaper for a direct flight or connecting flights?

Depending on where you are departing from and where you are going to, the cost of a direct ticket may vary. It is better to try several options: direct flight Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk or connecting flights.

Would two way tickets be cheaper?

Some carriers provide discounts for certain categories of passengers - children, students, pensioners, disabled people, etc. You can also check before buying tickets Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk.

What does the price of bus tickets depend on?

Bus tickets Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk cost differently, depending on the carrier, route and whether there are transfers/connections.

How long is the bus Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk on the road?

Following the route Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk, the total travel time may be from 2 hour 20 min. before 4 hour 30 min.. Travel time varies depending on transfers as well as possible long queues at the checkpoint.

How often do the buses Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk?

From the city of Lviv, buses depart daily. Some carriers have a separate schedule with specific departure days

Which carriers make departures Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk?

On the direction Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk are carriers such as: «Modultrans», «Travel Bus», «Pavljuk L.V.», «Pass Trans», «Onchul V.I. FOP», «FIRMA GALIZ-SV S.R.L.», «Avtokombinat-1 OOO».

What brands of buses make the trips?

All the details of the route Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk are listed immediately next to each flight to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the perfect option for you. And you can ask our 24/7 support team any time you have questions.

Where in the city of Lviv can you catch the bus Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk?

Buses to Ivano-Frankivsk depart from bus stations: Bus Station, Paid parking near the pizzeria "Pizza 0-24", Railway Station, Bus Station, Bus Station "Dvirtsevyi"

Where in Ukraine can you take a bus to the city of Ivano-Frankivsk?

Log on to Under "Countries" select Ukraine and the system will give you a list of the largest cities in the country from which buses depart.

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