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Bus tickets Lviv - Krakow Airport

Book bus tickets Lviv - Krakow Airport on Find out the ticket prices and timetable of buses from Lviv. Low prices from carriers for coaches Lviv - Krakow Airport. Plan your trip to the city Krakow Airport, Poland with us.

Krakow Airport
Price: 490 UAH Booking

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If you are planning to visit Poland but don't like travelling by train, choose a convenient international bus. Dozens of buses depart from Lviv to Polish cities every day, allowing you to reach major transport hubs to change to other modes of transport and continue your journey. Currently, Ukrainian airports are not working, so many Ukrainians take the Lviv Krakow Airport bus. This is one of the closest airports to Lviv, and you can travel from here to anywhere in the world. It is better to prepare for the trip a few weeks in advance to choose the right date and book a ticket. Most flights from Lviv are non-stop, you can choose a night bus to be in Poland in the morning. Most buses depart from Lviv from the central bus station or Dvortseva Square. The distance between Lviv and Krakow is 335 km, so the journey takes 6-8 hours.

No wonder Lviv is considered the tourist capital of Ukraine. Thousands of people visit this legendary city of the Lion every day. The old town of Lviv is a real architectural wonder, where every street and house has its own history. This is the place to start your city walk. The Town Hall on Rynok Square is one of the main symbols of Lviv, this historic Renaissance building impresses with its beauty and grandeur. Dozens of fascinating excursions allow you to discover this city in a new way every time.

How to buy a ticket Lviv Krakow online?

Tickets booked with INFOBUS are a great way to get to Krakow. On its website, you can book seats several weeks in advance, compare current fares, timetables, route details and more. You can buy a ticket Lviv Krakow online right now by checking the schedule and availability of seats for the desired flight. Here are some advantages of buying bus tickets from Lviv with INFOBUS:

          - affordable ticket price;

          - frequency of daily trips;

          - flexible departure schedules to different destinations;

          - fast routes without transfers;

          - the ability to buy and return tickets online.

Many buses running to Krakow Airport have comfortable seats, free Wi-Fi and other benefits that ensure passenger comfort. There are regular flights from Lviv to various parts of Ukraine and Europe, including Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Moldova, Romania, and Germany. The price of a ticket Lviv Krakow will depend on the chosen carrier and the comfort level of the bus.

Going to Krakow, the cultural centre of Poland

Thebus Lviv - Krakow Airport takes passengers directly to the international airport, which is located 15 km from the city. It is one of the largest in Poland. It handles a large number of international and domestic flights, providing convenient connections to various cities in Europe and the world. The airport has two passenger terminals, which are equipped with all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay of passengers, such as cafes, restaurants, shops, business lounges, as well as currency exchange and car rental facilities.

Krakow Airport is well known for its transport infrastructure, which allows for easy access to the city and other areas. People can use modes of transport such as buses, taxis and car hire to reach their final destinations. All in all, Krakow Airport is an important part of Poland's transport network, welcoming millions of passengers every year and making travel convenient and efficient. To make your bus trip to Poland a success, book your round trip tickets at once on INFOBUS.


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How to purchase bus tickets Lviv-Krakow Airport?

Log on to, in the appropriate boxes enter the necessary information about the planned trip place of departure and arrival Lviv-Krakow Airport, departure and return dates, click "search", select the necessary flight from the list, book seats and pay for tickets online.

Are there any restrictions on travel?

Route restrictions are spelled out in the trip description Lviv-Krakow Airport. Limitations are set by carriers depending on the bus

Should I look for tickets Lviv-Krakow Airport in advance?

You can also search for tickets Lviv-Krakow Airport on the day of departure. The system provides a selection of all flights with free seats at the time of search. However, we recommend searching for tickets in advance to avoid a shortage of seats.

Is it cheaper to choose a direct flight Lviv-Krakow Airport or with connections?

There are mostly direct flights from Lviv toKrakow Airport. It will be more profitable to travel by them. Carriers warn about the presence of a connection in the flight description.

Would two way tickets be cheaper?

Some carriers provide discounts for certain categories of passengers - children, students, pensioners, disabled people, etc. You can also check before buying tickets Lviv-Krakow Airport.

How much would a ticket cost Lviv-Krakow Airport?

Ticket price Lviv-Krakow Airport is constantly changing and depends on the carrier company, route, class of bus, etc.

How long does it take to get to the city Krakow Airport?

The flight Lviv-Krakow Airport lasts from 5 hour 30 min. before 14 hour 30 min.

How often do buses leave for the city Krakow Airport?

From the city of Lviv, buses depart daily. Some carriers have a separate schedule with specific departure days

How long does the bus wait at the border Poland?

Some buses stop at the border Poland. The stop lasts no more than 15 minutes.

Which carrier takes the route Lviv-Krakow Airport?

On the direction Lviv-Krakow Airport are carriers such as: «Vasilkivtransavto», «Eastern European Travel», «Royal-Company», «Avtotranzit», «Forum», «P-Trans», «Brintsov», «Modultrans», «TOV Bus Trans International», «Avtotranzit», «Nikolo Ukraine», «Павлюкс-Транс», «Travel Bus», «Royal Express s.r.o.», «TERNOPILSKE ATP 16127 PrAT», «VasilkivTransAvto», «Menyok FOP», «Mandrivnyk Prykarpattia», «PP Koval», «PP Koval», «TocoBus», «LYS-AVTO-TRANS», «Elite Express Sp. z o.o.», «Menyok N.I. FOP», «GRAND BUS».

What kind of buses do they take?

As standard, for trips Lviv-Krakow Airport carriers provide large comfortable Euro class buses. More precise information about the vehicle and the services available on each route is given on our website directly next to each individual trip power outlets, WIFI, food, drinks, toilets, etc. And then the choice is yours: among all the offered options you can choose the one you like the most depending on the time and place of departure, duration of the trip, carrier, cost and other conditions. When the choice is made, you can immediately book the necessary number of seats, entering the data about passengers and immediately make payment in any convenient way for you bank card, to the details, etc.. Immediately after that you will receive your tickets in PDF format to the e-mail address you have specified

Where do the buses to the city come from Krakow Airport?

Departing buses to Krakow Airport from Bus Station, Paid parking near the pizzeria "Pizza 0-24", Bus Station "Dvirtsevyi", Paid parking in front of the railway station, Bus stop, Bus Station, Railway Station, Bus stop, Bus stop "Epicentr", Railway Station, Railway Station, Bus Station

Where else in Ukraine do buses to Krakow Airport depart from ?

Log in to the "Countries" section of and the system will give you a list of all the cities Ukraine from which you can get to Krakow Airport.

Passenger reviews about trip

  • 4,0
    Krakow Airport - Lviv

    Very good transfer company. Gave me a call around 1 hour before the departure and explained how to find the bus stop and the number of the bus. Good timing. We were driving according to the schedule. Good discount for kids before 10 years old.…

  • 5,0
    Krakow Airport - Lviv

    Formal, afortable prices, on time departure and arrival. Overall good experience. Will repeat for sure.

  • 4,0
    Ivano-Frankivsk - Katowice

    Not the best, but all good.

  • 4,0
    Kraków airport - Lviv

    Did not arrive on time_ late.

    Bus uncomfortable.

    Did not stop at destination as written on ticket but to another destination _train station

  • 5,0
    Chernivtsi - Wrocław

    I travelled from Chernivtsi to Wroclaw. I was a good journey. Drivers were good and helpful. The bus was clean. I arrived on time. I am happy with the service and would recommend this company.

    There was no usb charger on the bus, though there…

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