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Route 961 Gorodok - Pisochna - Khmelnytskyi

Weekdays: 16 Jan, 17 Jan, 18 Jan, 19 Jan, 20 Jan, 21 Jan, 22 Jan, 23 Jan, 24 Jan, 25 Jan
05:50 Gorodok (Khmelnytska obl.) Bus Station
06:01 Papirnya (Khmelnitska obl.) Request stop
06:20 Nova PIsochna, Hmelnitska obl Request stop
06:31 Stara Pisochna Request stop
06:34 Kupyn Request stop
06:45 Velyka Levada Request stop
06:57 Stara Pisochna Request stop
07:01 Papirnya (Khmelnitska obl.) Request stop
07:30 Gorodok (Khmelnytska obl.) Bus Station
07:39 Zhyshcynytsi Request stop
07:52 PIlniy Oleksinets (Khmelnytska obl.) Request stop
08:24 Pravdivka (Khmelnitska obl.) Request stop
08:32 Antonivtsi (Khmelnitska obl.) Request stop
08:41 Skarzhentsi, Khmelnytska obl Request stop
09:06 Khmelnytskyi Bus Station 2, 66 Shechenko str.
09:10 Khmelnytskyi Bus Station, 23 Vinnytske shose str.
Carrier: Podillya Tour
Additional information: ВХ 8401 ВН, ВХ 4501 ВМ, ВХ 2510 АМ

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