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Bus tickets Budapest - Uzhgorod

Budapest-Uzhhorod is a popular route for tourists, especially those who want to explore the diversity of cultures and natural beauty of the Carpathian region. Buses, trains, and cars are constantly running between these cities. Both cities, Budapest and Uzhhorod, are rich in history and architectural monuments. Uzhhorod impresses with its medieval architecture, while Budapest is famous for its Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic buildings. The Budapest Uzhhorod route includes:

1. Cultural exchange. Travellers can enjoy the cultural experiences offered by both cities. This includes traditional Hungarian cuisine, art, and colourful musical events;
2. The unforgettable nature of the Carpathians. Between Budapest and Uzhhorod lie the Carpathian Mountains, a mountain system that offers excellent opportunities for outdoor activities, including mountain hiking, cycling and winter sports.
3. Healing waters. Uzhhorod has many sanatoriums and hotels with healing mineral waters where guests can enjoy spa treatments and relaxation. Budapest has thermal baths that attract tourists from all over Europe.
4. Multicultural atmosphere. Both cities are noted for their hospitality and unique cultural traditions, as they are located close to the border and have been influenced by neighbouring countries over the years.

Transfer Budapest Uzhhorod will help you to quickly get from one city to another without transfers. You can book tickets for flights from Hungary to Ukraine on the INFOBUS website. Flights between these cities depart regularly, the schedule and travel dates are available on the official website of the carrier.

Bus Budapest Uzhhorod: departing from the Danube capital

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is located on both sides of the Danube and attracts visitors with its magnificent architecture, pleasant climate and thermal springs. Everyone who has visited Budapest understands why it is called the "Pearl of the Danube". In the city, you can visit the majestic Buda Fortress, the pompous Parliament building, Margit Island and beautiful bridges. In addition, every street, square and building in the city has its own history. There is everything for an interesting holiday: museums, shopping centres, colourful bars, etc.

Thedistance from Budapest to Uzhhorod is 330 km, which can be easily covered by a comfortable bus from INFOBUS. On the official website, you can find out the nearest departure dates, ticket prices, and availability. You can get to your final destination either by direct flight or with transfers. On the INFOBUS website, you can also buy bus tickets from Budapest to Lviv, Kyiv, Prague, Mukachevo, Vienna, Chisinau.

Carriers Budapest - Uzhhorod: choose the best one

Many carriers run on the specified route, so it is worth choosing a more reliable and safe one among them. Each of them has a different schedule, route and ticket price. INFOBUS has a lot of positive feedback from customers travelling in Europe thanks to its comfortable buses. The price of the bus Budapest Uzhhorod is indicated on the official website of INFOBUS. It takes 8-9 hours to get to the capital of Transcarpathia, depending on road conditions, weather, queues at the border, etc.

Uzhhorod is a picturesque corner of Ukraine and its smallest regional centre. It was built on seven hills, like Rome, Istanbul, Prague and Barcelona, and has 6 embankments, so from April to the end of October it resembles a bright blooming garden. And there are at least 20 wine festivals every year! The bus from Budapest to Uzhhorod is:

- economical transport for travelling;
- a convenient and fast way to get to your desired destination;
- regular departure schedule;
- direct flights without transfers, which will save you time.

Check the schedule and seat availability on the official INFOBUS website and choose the most convenient option for your trip!

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Price: 11541 HUF Booking

Route on map

How from Budapest quickly reach the center of Uzhgorod in 2024. Routes of buses on the map with stops. From where do the coaches in Budapest depart and where they arrive at Uzhgorod. Travel time by bus: how many hours coach go to Ukraine, the distance in kilometers.


How can you buy bus tickets Budapest-Uzhgorod?

You can buy a ticket from Budapest to Uzhgorod at Log in to the site, enter the travel parameters from and to where you are traveling, departure and arrival dates in the appropriate boxes, click "search", select the most suitable flight from the list, book a seat and pay for the ticket online.

Are there any travel restrictions on Budapest-Uzhgorod?

At the moment you can travel in the direction Budapest-Uzhgorod without restrictions, but be sure to read the restrictions in the conditions of carriage in the flight description before buying tickets.

How many days before the trip is it best to look for tickets?

You can search for a ticket Budapest-Uzhgorod even on the day of departure. The system will give you a list of all flights that still have seats available. However, to avoid a shortage of seats, we recommend that you search for tickets as early as possible.

Is it cheaper to travel with connections or a direct flight?

In the direction Budapest-Uzhgorod it is more profitable to travel with a connection. Information about connections is provided by the carrier.

Would two way tickets be cheaper?

Yes, sometimes it is cheaper to buy Budapest-Uzhgorod round-trip tickets, as some carriers offer discounts. The only condition is that the tickets must be purchased in one order per passenger. To find out which carriers offer discounts and how to get them, please contact the support service at

How much would a ticket cost Budapest-Uzhgorod?

Ticket prices Budapest-Uzhgorod depend on the carriers operating a particular flight, the route of travel, the availability of connections, etc.

How long does it take to get to the city Uzhgorod?

Depending on the carrier and the route itself - from 7 hour 25 min. before 10 hour 50 min.. Travel time may vary based on road conditions, queues at the border, weather conditions, etc. Therefore, we always recommend leaving yourself some time to allow for force majeure situations.

How often do buses leave for the city Uzhgorod?

Buses in the direction of Uzhgorod depart daily. Some carriers have a separate schedule with a clear schedule of bus departure days.

How fast does the bus pass the border Ukraine?

Border crossing Ukraine can take up to several hours, depending on the congestion at checkpoints.

Which carriers run buses on the route?

There are quite a few flights available in our system for the route Budapest-Uzhgorod from different carriers: «Sim Trans TOV», «TranzitService».

What brands of buses make the trips?

Information about the bus that makes the trip Budapest-Uzhgorod, as well as its photo can be found in the description of the trip. By clicking on the active link of the name of the carrier, you can view the entire fleet and other trips of this carrier.

At which stations can you take the bus Budapest-Uzhgorod?

Flights Budapest-Uzhgorod are standard from the bus station: Bus Station "Nepliget".

How to get from Hungary to the city of Uzhgorod?

Log on to Under "Countries" select Hungary and the system will give you a list of the largest cities in the country from which buses depart.

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