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Bus tickets Lviv - Uzhgorod

Book bus tickets Lviv - Uzhgorod on Find out the ticket prices and timetable of buses from Lviv. Low prices from carriers for coaches Lviv - Uzhgorod. Plan your trip to the city Uzhgorod, Ukraine with us.

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Lviv is a picturesque city in Western Ukraine. It has the status of a national, cultural, educational, scientific and industrial centre, and it is also home to a major transport hub that allows you to quickly and conveniently get to any city in Ukraine and Europe. Lviv also has the status of the tourist capital of Ukraine. The city is known for its unique atmosphere, which combines historical spirit and modern trends. It regularly hosts festivals, fairs, exhibitions and competitions dedicated to coffee and chocolate. In addition, the city attracts the attention of architecture and monument lovers, of which there are many in Lviv.

Lviv region is adjacent to Zakarpattia region, so it is not surprising that the Lviv-Uzhhorod route is in great demand. Both cities have a rich history and cultural heritage. Between Lviv and Uzhhorod there are beautiful natural landscapes, including the Carpathians, mountain rivers, forests and lakes. You can admire them during your bus journey. Both cities also have a well-developed transport infrastructure, making them easily accessible to tourists from all over Ukraine and abroad.

How fast, convenient and inexpensive is it to get to Uzhhorod?

Thedistance between Lviv and Uzhhorod is approximately 300 km, so comfortable buses will cover it in 5-6 hours. You can spend this time reading an interesting book or enjoying the views outside the window. There are also trains between the cities, but the number of buses is much higher, so passengers often choose them. Modern buses have everything passengers need to relax during the trip.

It is advisable tobuy tickets Lviv Uzhhorod a few days before the trip to be able to choose a carrier, a suitable seat in the cabin and choose a convenient departure time. Intercity bus service allows you not only to quickly get to your destination, but also to see many interesting places along the way. You don't need to go to the train station to find out the Lviv Uzhhorod schedule and book tickets, because you can do it on the INFOBUS website. It has a user-friendly interface, so you can buy a travel document in a few clicks.

To buy tickets online Lviv Uzhhorod, do the following:

          - go to the INFOBUS website or mobile app;

          - select the desired dates and compare available flights;

          - view the schedule, duration of the trip and route features;

          - enter your details, confirm payment and receive a ticket by email.

You do not need to print it, just download the ticket to your smartphone. Detailed information about the routes is available on the INFOBUS website. In addition, you can find information about all available flights in Ukraine and Europe to choose the best route for your future travels.

Let's go to Uzhhorod, the capital of Transcarpathia with international charm

Uzhhorod is located in the Transcarpathian region on the Uzh River near the border with Slovakia. This charming city has a special character, a long and rich history, and it is one of the oldest in Ukraine. Uzhhorod is also an important transport hub with routes to Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. You can find out the price of tickets Lviv-Uzhhorod , as well as for other popular flights, on the INFOBUS website.

The exquisite architecture of the city has been influenced by historical events. Each street seems to keep the spirit of the secrets and mysteries of the past. The city is home to Uzhhorod Castle, a fortress that once served as a defence and is one of the most famous landmarks. While walking around the city, you should pay attention to the miniature statues hidden in the streets, on the waterfront and in squares. Among them are both the Statue of Liberty and the soldier Schweik from the humorous story by Jaroslav Hashek. If you intend to visit Uzhhorod, book your bus tickets today with INFOBUS!

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How do I book a bus ticket?

You can purchase tickets for the route Lviv-Uzhgorod at Set the ticket search parameters specify the departure and arrival city, as well as the departure and return date. Among all available flights with free seats given by the system, select the most suitable one, book a ticket and pay for it online.

Are there any travel restrictions on Lviv-Uzhgorod?

There are no such restrictions. After payment, your tickets Lviv-Uzhgorod in PDF format will be automatically sent to the e-mail address specified in your order.

When is the best time to look for a ticket Lviv-Uzhgorod?

Most often carriers open ticket sales Lviv-Uzhgorod for six months in advance, so you can search for a suitable flight as soon as you start planning your trip.

Is it cheaper to choose a direct flight Lviv-Uzhgorod or with connections?

There are mostly direct flights from Lviv toUzhgorod. It will be more profitable to travel by them. Carriers warn about the presence of a connection in the flight description.

Is it beneficial to purchase tickets Lviv-Uzhgorod-Lviv?

Some carriers offer discounts for different categories of people children, students, pensioners, disabled people, groups of several people, etc.. You can also check this information even before buying tickets Lviv-Uzhgorod near the flight you are interested in.

How much does a bus ticket cost?

The cost of tickets Lviv-Uzhgorod depends on the company that operates the flight, the route itself, the class of seats and more. Often the price range varies depending on the season. You can see full information about prices in a currency convenient for you on our website.

How long does it take to get to the city Uzhgorod?

Depending on the carrier and the route itself - from 3 hour 45 min. before 8 hour 5 min.. Travel time may vary based on road conditions, queues at the border, weather conditions, etc. Therefore, we always recommend leaving yourself some time to allow for force majeure situations.

How often do the buses Lviv-Uzhgorod?

There are several buses departing for the city of Uzhgorod every day. Some carriers only operate on specific days, but the system will only give you the flights available at the time of your search.

Which carriers operate flights Lviv-Uzhgorod?

There are bus services from several carriers in the direction Lviv-Uzhgorod: «Horokhivske ATP 10764», «Шумське АТП 16145», «Perzhylo Yu.T.», «Pavljuk L.I.», «Pavljuk L.V.», «Onchul V.I. FOP», «Lines Polissya», «Павлюк Л.В.».

What kind of buses do they take?

You can familiarize yourself with the fleet of the carrier by following the link in the description of each particular trip Lviv-Uzhgorod. There you can also view photos of the bus

At which stations can you take the bus Lviv-Uzhgorod?

Flights Lviv-Uzhgorod are standard from the bus station: Bus Station 2, Bus Station "Dvirtsevyi", Bus Station, Railway Station, Paid parking near the pizzeria "Pizza 0-24".

Where else in Ukraine do buses to Uzhgorod depart from ?

You can see from which other cities Ukraine has flights to Uzhgorod in the "Countries" section of Just select the country you need and the system will give you a list of all cities with flights to your desired city.

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