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Buses Mykolaiv - Wroclaw

Buy bus and coach tickets Mykolaiv - Wroclaw: where and how to book bus tickets to Poland, the cost of the trip to Wroclaw in your own. Timetable of buses on the route. List of coaches to Wroclaw and back, including departures today. Get from Mykolaiv to Wroclaw cheaply and without tiring night crossings, the passengers comments about the trip.

Bus Schedule

Departure and arrival Time on way During week
00:35 – 03:15 MykolaivWroclaw

26 h. 40 min.


01:25 – 02:00 MykolaivWroclaw

24 h. 35 min.

Each day

01:25 – 03:35 MykolaivWroclaw

26 h. 10 min.

Each day

05:10 – 10:45 MykolaivWroclaw

29 h. 35 min.


08:25 – 20:00 MykolaivWroclaw

35 h. 35 min.

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun

08:25 – 20:00 MykolaivWroclaw

35 h. 35 min.

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun

15:50 – 18:50 MykolaivWroclaw

27 h. 0 min.

Each day

18:00 – 22:10 MykolaivWroclaw

28 h. 10 min.

Each day

19:10 – 01:45 MykolaivWroclaw

30 h. 35 min.

Each day

20:30 – 01:20 MykolaivWroclaw

28 h. 50 min.

Tue, Wed, Fri

Passenger reviews about trip

Z-TIME/Принципал/агент TDV Kovelske ATPLviv - Odessa

The unpunctuality has been the only negative thing. The driver has been kind and the bus is comfortable.

Bohemia Voyage / EWHDKhmelnytskyi - Praha


We really enjoyed this trip. Some beautiful countryside and the driver was excellent, ensuring our comfort and friendly

Bohemia Voyage / EWHDХерсон - Прага

Praha-Cherson i Cherson-Praha

On time. Very comfortable.

gera kelione ir toliau rinksiuos si vezeja dekingas uz kelione, sekmes versle..

Noretusi geresniu keliu Ukrainoje o vezejas OK pagarba!

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