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Bus tickets Odessa - Bucuresti

Odesa is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. It is a multinational, colourful, irrepressibly cheerful city with a rich history that attracts millions of tourists. Buses bring guests here from different parts of Ukraine and Europe, and dozens of international flights run from Odesa daily, including the Odesa-Bucharest bus. On the official INFOBUS website, you can find out the schedule and ticket prices for the most popular routes Odesa-Kyiv, Odesa-Dnipro, Odesa-Prague, Vinnytsia-Bucharest, Izmail-Bucharest, etc.

This southern city was home to such celebrities as Ilf Petrov, Mikhail Zhvanetsky, Leonid Utesov, Isaac Babel, David Oistrakh and Anna Akhmatova. Count Vorontsov, Alexander Langeron, Joseph Deribas, Alexander Bernardazzi, Franz Devolan and, of course, Duke Richelieu made the greatest contribution to the development of Odesa. The city has its own special atmosphere of creativity and freedom, which inspires the creation of masterpieces of architecture and art.

Where to buy a bus ticket Odesa-Bucharest?

INFOBUS offers the opportunity to buy bus tickets online. Check out the schedule and prices, and then go on holiday in the south! By the way, Odesa is a port city, so yachts and cruise liners regularly depart from here for trips to the Black and Mediterranean Seas. The city itself has many interesting sights that everyone should see:

  • Deribasovskaya Street is the central pedestrian street of Odesa, built in the 18th century;
  • Potemkin Stairs - the most famous architectural structure in Odesa, created in 1841. The stairs connect the seaport with the city centre;
  • Odesa National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet - famous for its performances and talented performers. It is also considered one of the most beautiful in Europe;
  • Shevchenko Park is an ideal place for walking and relaxing. It has a lake, amusement rides and beautiful views.
  • The Vorontsov Lighthouse is one of Odesa's distinctive architectural landmarks. It is located on the edge of Moldavian Beach and was commissioned in 1862.

There are also many colourful places in Odesa that have become Odesa's trademark, especially the city's catacombs and Privoz market. The distance between Odesa and Bucharest is 570 km, which is about 12 hours by bus. It is better to choose comfortable buses from Odesa to Romania so that the trip leaves only pleasant memories.

Departing from Odesa to Bucharest

The capital of Romania is often called "little Paris". The most convenient way to get there from Ukraine is by direct bus from Odesa or Izmail. There are also other flights to this city, but they make transfers. The main attractions of the city include the Palace of Parliament, United Nations Square, Romanian Ateneum concert hall, Stavropol Church, University Square, Vlad Tepes Castle and many others.

Today, Bucharest is a European capital that delights visitors with its originality and uniqueness, original appearance, albeit with the consequences of many historical events that were not always positive. Buses and trains from other European capitals are constantly coming to the city, as it has everything for interesting excursions and a bright holiday. You can book tickets online to Bucharest on the INFOBUS website.

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Route on map

How from Odessa quickly reach the center of Bucuresti in 2024. Routes of buses on the map with stops. From where do the coaches in Odessa depart and where they arrive at Bucuresti . Travel time by bus: how many hours coach go to Romania, the distance in kilometers.


How can you buy bus tickets Odessa-Bucuresti ?

You can purchase tickets Odessa-Bucuresti at On the main page of the site in the appropriate boxes enter the ticket search parameters in the form of names of departure and arrival cities and dates of departure and arrival. The system will provide you with a list of all available flights with free seats, select a flight, book a seat on the bus and make an online payment.

Are there travel restrictions Odessa-Bucuresti ?

Ticket search has no time limit, but we recommend booking tickets Odessa-Bucuresti in advance to avoid a shortage of available seats. You can also search for tickets on the day of departure. The system will provide a list of all flights with free seats at the time of search.

How many days before the trip is it best to look for tickets?

Regardless of when you search for tickets Odessa-Bucuresti , the system always gives the availability of buses with free seats.

Is it better to take a direct flight or a connecting flight to Bucuresti ?

It is more cost-effective to travel to Bucuresti without connections. Information about connections is available in the flight description.

Is it more profitable to purchase round trip tickets?

Buying round-trip tickets Odessa-Bucuresti in one order per passenger can get you a discount. You can find out which carriers provide the discount and how to get it by contacting the support service at

What is the ticket price Odessa-Bucuresti ?

Ticket price Odessa-Bucuresti may vary by 50%, depending on the carrier, route and availability/absence of connections.

How long is the bus Odessa-Bucuresti on the road?

Flight duration Odessa-Bucuresti - from 11 hour 30 min. before 17 hour.

How often do buses leave for the city Bucuresti ?

You can take a bus to Bucuresti every day. Only a small number of carriers make flights on certain days, but in any case the system will provide a list of active flights at the time of the search.

How long does the bus wait at the border Romania?

Passing at the border Romania depends on which checkpoint you pass through, the number of vehicles queuing in front of your bus and the shift at the checkpoint.

Which carrier takes the route Odessa-Bucuresti ?

Bus service Odessa-Bucuresti is operated by several carriers: «OOO Turist», «Caravan», «FOP Tkach Ye.V.», «Turist OOO», «Maks Trans LTD», «Макс Транс ЛТД», «FIRMA GALIZ-SV S.R.L.»

What kind of buses do they take?

All flight details are listed directly next to each route Odessa-Bucuresti at the selection stage. If you have any additional questions, you can contact our 24-hour support team at any time convenient for you.

Where do the buses to the city come from Bucuresti ?

Buses Odessa-Bucuresti depart from bus stations: Bus Station "Pryvokzalna", Petrol station "BRSM-Nafta", Central Bus Station, Bus Station "Starosinna", Bus Station "Pryvoz", Bus Stop.

How to get from Ukraine to the city of Bucuresti ?

A list of cities Ukraine, from which buses depart to Bucuresti , can be found at in the "Countries" section. Simply select Ukraine from the list of countries and the system will give you a list of cities.

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