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Bus tickets Kyiv - Bucuresti

Book bus tickets Kyiv - Bucuresti on Find out the ticket prices and timetable of buses from Kyiv. Low prices from carriers for coaches Kyiv - Bucuresti . Plan your trip to the city Bucuresti , Romania with us.

Price: 900 UAH Booking

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International buses run daily between the capitals of Romania and Ukraine, allowing you to get to your destination quickly, conveniently and without changes of station. If you want to find cheap bus tickets Kyiv Bucharest, use the INFOBUS service. It will help you find the best prices for the desired trip. With the help of a convenient navigation system, passengers have access to a wide range of routes to Romania and throughout Europe. Thanks to cooperation with reliable carriers, passengers get a wide range of options and excellent conditions for long journeys. If possible, book your tickets in advance to help you find a better price and get the seat you want. The distance Kyiv Bucharest is almost 750 km, so most carriers use comfortable buses with free Wi-Fi, toilets and comfortable seats. This will make a difficult long journey go by unnoticed.

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and a unique city with a long history, a combination of modern and ancient architecture, many parks, squares and other attractions. Kyiv has many unique museums, historic mansions, monuments, ancient churches and much more. Before travelling to the Romanian capital, take a stroll around the city to see the majestic St Nicholas Church, walk along Andriyivskyy Descent and other ancient streets of the city, and enjoy the sunset on one of the observation decks.

How to buy a ticket Kyiv - Bucharest?

You don't have to go to the bus station and spend time queuing at the ticket office, because you can go to the convenient INFOBUS app in your smartphone and do everything you need in a few clicks. There are several ways to get from Kyiv to Bucharest, but the best is a direct bus, which will take 15-22 hours. On the INFOBUS website, you can find the schedule for a specific date, compare prices and conditions of carriers, find out the features of the routes and choose a more convenient bus for yourself. You can find out the price of a ticket Kyiv Bucharest during the booking process.

Being an INFOBUS customer is convenient and profitable due to numerous advantages:

          - transparent and affordable ticket prices;

          - regular flights every day;

          - flexible route schedules;

          - comfortable seats, free internet and other passenger amenities in buses.

It is important to arrive at the Kyiv bus station on time to find your bus, deal with your luggage and take your seat in the vehicle. Ticket prices can sometimes change, so it is better to buy tickets in advance, especially during the high season, weekends and holidays.

Let's go to Bucharest, a city of contrasts

The capital of Romania or the centre of Wallachia is a unique city shrouded in myths. Despite being a little off the beaten track, more and more people are discovering Romanian culture, distinctive architecture and beautiful natural scenery. By the way, the name Bucharest is translated from Romanian as "City of Joy". If you are going to travel here, we recommend buying a ticket Kyiv Bucharest on the INFOBUS website.

There are several things travellers should do while walking around the city:

         1. Admire the grandeur of the Palace of Parliament. Today, this building is not only considered the hallmark of the city, but also has the status of the most grandiose historical unfinished building in the country.

         2. Find as many differences from Paris as possible while standing by the Arc de Triomphe near the Csiszmihiu Gardens in the city centre.

         3. Visit the National Rural Museum in the open air, which covers an area of one hundred thousand square metres.

         4. Take a look at the Romanian Ateneum, the symbolic concert hall of Bucharest, where the most iconic festivals and other musical events take place.

Bucharest is a modern European capital with eclectic architecture, diverse cultural life and an elegant, global atmosphere. The Romanian capital attracts tourists due to its diversity. It is often referred to as the "Paris of the Balkans", as Bucharest and Paris share similar architecture, vibrant cultural life, unique cuisine, and a wide range of activities for all temperaments and interests. You can also buy a return ticket to Kyiv using the INFOBUS service.

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How can you buy bus tickets Kyiv-Bucuresti ?

To do this, you just need to visit our office or make a purchase yourself on our website In the second option you will need to fill in the search form, indicating from where-where-when you want to travel to the direction Kyiv-Bucuresti . Among all the flights flights offered by the system you will be able to choose the one that suits you best in all parameters, book the required number of seats, make payment by bank card via the Internet, and immediately receive your travel documents.

Are there any restrictions on traveling to the destination?

There are no trip restrictions on the route at this time, but be sure to check Kyiv-Bucuresti from the carriers for trip restrictions. The trip descriptions include all rules and permits for a safe and comfortable bus-specific trip.

Should I look for tickets Kyiv-Bucuresti in advance?

The system always gives a list of buses with free seats, regardless of the search time, but we advise you to book tickets Kyiv-Bucuresti as early as possible.

Will the ticket be cheaper for a direct flight or connecting flights?

It is more cost-effective to travel to Bucuresti without connections. Information about connections is available in the flight description.

Is it beneficial to purchase tickets Kyiv-Bucuresti -Kyiv?

If you purchase round-trip tickets Kyiv-Bucuresti in one order per passenger, some carriers offer a discount. For details on discounts and carriers, please contact our support team at

How much would a ticket cost Kyiv-Bucuresti ?

The price of a ticket on the direction Kyiv-Bucuresti depends on the company that performs this flight, route, availability of connections, etc. You can pay by bank card online through a suitable payment system, or make a bank transfer to the details. Payment on the bus is not possible, as your seat reservation is valid for up to 24 hours, after which it is automatically withdrawn by the server, and your reserved seat is returned to the sale. That is, when you board the vehicle there may be no free seat.

How long does it take to get to the city Bucuresti ?

The flight Kyiv-Bucuresti lasts from 18 hour before 26 hour 45 min.

How often do buses leave for the city Bucuresti ?

From the city of Kyiv, most buses depart daily. Some carriers have a separate schedule with designated departure days. For details, contact customer service at

How fast does the bus pass the border Romania?

Border crossing Romania can take up to several hours, depending on the congestion at checkpoints.

Which carriers operate flights Kyiv-Bucuresti ?

Our website provides a huge amount of detailed information both about each available route and about the companies that operate them Kyiv-Bucuresti . We work only with experienced, reliable and trusted partners. You can make your choice easier by familiarizing yourself with the reviews and evaluations left by customers who have already managed to use their services.

What brands of buses make the trips?

Detailed information about all routes Kyiv-Bucuresti , including the type of vehicle, the services available in it, the rules for transportation of luggage and pets, as well as current discounts or promotions, is indicated next to each individual flight.

Where do the buses to the city come from Bucuresti ?

Buses to Kyiv-Bucuresti run every day and depart from: Railway Station, Bus Station "Tsentralnyi", Bus Station "Kyiv"

From which cities Ukraine are there outings to the city Bucuresti ?

To find out from which other cities of Ukraine there are bus flights to Bucuresti , it is necessary on the site in the section "Countries" to select the country Ukraine and the system will give you a complete list of cities.

Passenger reviews about trip

  • 4,0
    İstanbul - Kyiv

    Minus the bus malfunction, my only concern is at the end they skipped the stop I was supposed to get off at on Petliury street in Kyiv. So I had to get off at the last stop, which is further away in the city from…

  • 5,0
    İstanbul - Zhytomyr

    Everything was ok

  • 5,0
    Veliko Tarnovo - Kyiv

    Drivers are nice and professional, every seat has one small water, one круасанчик, usb and wifi work. Happy with the service

  • 5,0
    Lviv - Bucuresti

    Great Trip. Great Servcice.

  • 5,0
    Chernivtsi - Bucuresti

    The best bus service I’ve ever had

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