• Adults Over 12 y.o.
  • Childs From 2 to 12 y.o.
  • Infants Without seat

Route Roma - Kyiv

Weekdays: 23 Feb, 1 Mar, 8 Mar, 15 Mar, 22 Mar, 29 Mar, 5 Apr, 12 Apr, 26 Apr, 3 May
  1. 13:00Roma Metro Station "Rebibbia"
  2. 17:00Firenze Villa Costanza, Parcheggio
  3. 18:45Bologna Bus Station, Viale Angelo Masini
  4. 19:30Ferrara Via S.Giacomo
  5. 20:20Rovigo Piazza Fratelli Cervi
  6. 21:15Padova Autostazione, Piazzale Boschetti
  7. 22:00Venezia Mestre Marghera Stacja Paliw Total przy Hotelu Holiday Inn
  8. 23:50Udine Autostazione di Udine, Viale Europa Unita
  9. 05:20Pince customs (SI-HU)
  10. 12:50Zahony customs (HU-UA)
  11. 14:20Mukachevo 1V Lavkivska str., Gas Station OKKO
  12. 16:35Stryi 49 Bolekhivska str., Gas station OKKO
  13. 17:40Lviv Bus Station, 109 Strijska str.
  14. 19:10Brody Gas station OKKO, 101 Velikі Fіlvarki str.
  15. 20:10Dubno Gas stations "WOG", in front of the monument "Airplane"
  16. 21:10Rivne Bus Stop near the bus station (Pharmacy "Podorozhnyk"), 77 Kiyevska str.
  17. 23:30Zhytomyr 95 Nezalezhnosti av., Gas Station BRSM
  18. 01:45Kyiv Bus Station "Kiev", 32 S.Petlyry str. (Railway Station)
  19. 02:30Kyiv Bus Station, "Centralniy", 1 Prospekt Nauki / 3 Moskovskaja sq.
  • Carrier: AL-TRANS
  • Additional information: Transportation of animals - information must be ascertained by the carrierTransportation of animals - information must be ascertained by the carrier
  • Luggage: 1 bag up to 30kg(40х50х100), hand luggage up to 5kg(40x30x20)-free,every next 1EUR/1kg
  • Discounts: 30% Children 4-12 years old
    50% Children 0-4 years old

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