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Timetable for route 343 Praha - Iv.Frankivsk

10:00 Praha Bus Station "Florenc"
13:00 Brno Bus Station "Zvonarka"
14:30 Olomouc Request stop
18:25 Krakow parking, Bosatskiey str.
20:45 Rzeszow Shopping center "Galeria Rzeszow", near the bus station
04:00 Lviv Bus Station, 109 Strijska str.
05:00 Stryi Bus Station, 7 Vokzalnaya str.
05:30 Bolechiv Bus Station, 25 Zaliznichna str.
06:00 Dolyna Bus Station, 1A Shevchenka str.
07:00 Kalush Bus Station, 15 Privokzalna str.
08:00 Ivano-Frankivsk Bus Station-2, Gorbachevskogo str. 14
09:30 Kolomyya Bus Station, Antonenka-Davydovycha str.15
Carrier: Nikolo s.r.o.
Refund policy: until 24h: 85%
departure from 24h until 12h: 80%
after 12h: ticket is not refundable
Discounts: 50% Children 4-10 years old
80% Children 0-4 years old

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