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Bus tickets Lviv - Paris

Book bus tickets Lviv - Paris on Find out the ticket prices and timetable of buses from Lviv. Low prices from carriers for coaches Lviv - Paris. Plan your trip to the city Paris, France with us.

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Lviv is traditionally considered Ukraine's "gateway to Europe", as most international trains and buses depart from here. Throughout its long history, the city has been ruled by various countries, which is why it has acquired a special charm, sophisticated architectural lines and unique cultural monuments that are not found in other regions of Ukraine. Lviv is a city where every street has history, culture and a special atmosphere.

Lviv is often called a "little Paris" because it is a city that falls in love with you and in which you fall in love. You can personally compare these cities by buying bus tickets Lviv-Paris. There are dozens of regular buses running between them, which transport passengers to the French capital quickly and without transfers. Before travelling to Paris, be sure to find time for a walk around Lviv, the most European city in Ukraine. Here are some of its most prominent sights:

- Rynok Square and the City Hall;

- Lviv Opera House;

- Lvivarnya Beer Museum ;

- Italian Courtyard;

- Potocki Palace ;

- Church of St Elzbieta;

- Franko Park .

Every traveller gets an unforgettable experience from visiting many interesting places. There are incomparable cultural treasures, natural attractions and a special mystical atmosphere shrouded in legends and myths. If you have been planning a trip to the French capital for a long time, book your bus tickets Lviv Paris on the INFOBUS website.

Book a seat on the bus Lviv France and get ready for the trip

When travelling from Lviv to Paris, you can choose different transport options, depending on your preferences, budget and time constraints. Book your tickets in advance online or at a bus station ticket office to make your trip a success. The most popular option is the international bus Lviv - Paris. On the INFOBUS website, you can see the schedule of buses for the specified dates, compare prices and buy return tickets immediately . The distance ofLviv toParis is 1800 km, the trip lasts 38-45 hours, depending on the route, the number of stops or transfers.

Travelling by bus has numerous advantages:

- bus tickets are often cheaper than train or plane tickets;

- buses make stops along the route, which allows you to rest and fight fatigue during long journeys;

- most international buses have an increased level of comfort, so you can sleep comfortably, charge your phone, etc;

- spacious luggage compartments allow passengers to transport their luggage without overpayments

Passenger transportation Lviv - Paris is provided every 2-3 hours. The INFOBUS website regularly updates ticket prices, schedules and routes. Ticket prices may sometimes change depending on the carrier, season, availability of connections, etc. Sign up for the INFOBUS newsletter to be informed of all changes.

Paris: a city that inspires and falls in love

For most people, Paris is associated with romance. It is among the most beautiful cities in Europe and is also considered the centre of art and palace architecture in Europe. Paris offers a wide range of excursions that allow you to discover a new side of the French capital every day. Walking along the streets, you should see its most famous architectural monuments:

- The Eiffel Tower is a well-known symbol of Paris and the whole of France, a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world. It is a 324-metre-high metal structure with a lighthouse, an observation deck, restaurants, and lifts at the top;

- The Louvre is a majestic architectural complex that was the residence of the French kings from the XVI to the XVII century, before the court moved to Versailles. Already in the XVIII century, the palace was turned into a museum;

- The Arc de Triomphe is a monument on the Place Charles de Gaulle, which began to be built by order of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806 after the French victory at Austerlitz;

- Notre Dame Cathedral is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. It began to be built in the XII century on the site of an ancient pagan temple of Jupiter. The work was completed by the mid-14th century. During the French Revolution, Notre Dame fell into disrepair, but Napoleon Bonaparte chose it as the site of his coronation in 1804 and restored it to its former glory;

- Montmartre is a famous district of the city where Andre Salmon, Picasso, Modigliani and Georges Braque lived. It was here that Cubism was born. Montmartre is home to many attractions, including museums, boulevards and churches, and is also a regular venue for art exhibitions and other cultural events.

When travelling to Paris, be sure to take a stroll along the Seine River embankment, have a picnic on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower, and taste the best French wines and cheeses. Paris is considered the centre of gastronomic tourism, and French cuisine is the most exquisite in the world.

Book bus tickets to Paris on the INFOBUS website. Here you can find the schedule, routes and prices of buses Lviv - Paris from different carriers. You can book a seat in a few clicks.

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How do I book tickets?

Log on to, in the appropriate boxes enter the necessary information about the planned trip place of departure and arrival Lviv-Paris, departure and return dates, click "search", select the necessary flight from the list, book seats and pay for tickets online.

Are there travel restrictions Lviv-Paris?

Sales are normally open 180 days in advance, so you can look for flight options as soon as you think about possible travel. However, given the current state of affairs with the pandemic and frequent changes in various border crossing restrictions and regulations, it is still not a good idea to buy tickets Lviv-Paris well in advance. Alternatively, you can buy tickets with an open date for a flight that suits you. And already closer to the time of travel you can register for the day you need and you will definitely be guaranteed a seat.

How many days before the trip is it best to look for tickets?

In order to be sure of tomorrow and not to worry about a price increase Lviv-Paris, you should book your seats at least 3 days before your trip. This way you will be able to purchase the seats that suit you.

Is it better to take a direct flight or a connecting flight to Paris?

There are mostly direct flights from Lviv toParis. It will be more profitable to travel by them. Carriers warn about the presence of a connection in the flight description.

Will the price of two way tickets be less?

When purchasing round-trip tickets Lviv-Paris, some carriers offer a discount on return tickets. Which carriers - you can check with the support service on the website

How much does a bus ticket cost?

The price of a ticket on the direction Lviv-Paris depends on the company that performs this flight, route, availability of connections, etc. You can pay by bank card online through a suitable payment system, or make a bank transfer to the details. Payment on the bus is not possible, as your seat reservation is valid for up to 24 hours, after which it is automatically withdrawn by the server, and your reserved seat is returned to the sale. That is, when you board the vehicle there may be no free seat.

How long does it take to get to the city Paris?

The length of the trip Lviv-Paris depends on both the route of each individual flight and the time of border crossing, the situation on the roads, weather conditions, etc. On average, the road takes from 35 hour before 36 hour. Naturally, if there are connections or in case of any force majeure circumstances, the whole process can be delayed. Therefore, we always recommend planning your time with time to spare.

How often do buses leave for the city Paris?

Buses in the direction of Lviv-Paris run daily.

How fast does the bus pass the border France?

Border crossing France can take up to several hours, depending on the congestion at checkpoints.

Which carriers make departures Lviv-Paris?

Bus service Lviv-Paris is operated by several carriers: «Burak-Travel», «MK VOYAGE»

What buses run between Lviv and Paris?

All detailed information regarding the road itself Lviv-Paris, services, discounts, luggage transportation conditions, ticket refunds, etc. is available near each route. And if you have any additional questions, our 24-hour support service will be happy to answer them.

Where in the city of Lviv can you catch the bus Lviv-Paris?

Buses Lviv-Paris depart from bus stations: Bus stop, Bus stop.

From which cities Ukraine are there outings to the city Paris?

A list of cities Ukraine with bus connections to Paris can be viewed in the "Countries" section of Select Ukraine from the list of countries and the system will give you a complete list of cities.

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