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Bus tickets Lviv - Przemysl

Book bus tickets Lviv - Przemysl on Find out the ticket prices and timetable of buses from Lviv. Low prices from carriers for coaches Lviv - Przemysl. Plan your trip to the city Przemysl, Poland with us.

Price: 549 UAH Booking

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Any journey requires punctuality, especially when it comes to travelling abroad. In Ukraine, airports are currently not working, so many people travel to neighbouring countries by bus. Our closest neighbour is Poland, which is why there are dozens of buses from Lviv and other western cities, including the Lviv-Premysl buses, running there every day. Both cities are close to the border, so the journey between them does not take long. Lviv Przemyśl is 95 km away, but the journey can take 2-4 hours, taking into account the border crossing. It is important to arrive at the Lviv bus station in time to find your bus, solve the issue of luggage and take your seat in the transport.

Why is it profitable to buy a bus ticket Lviv Przemyśl online?

On the INFOBUS website, you can view the current schedule, compare routes, find out the price of the bus ticket Lviv Przemyśl and choose the most convenient option. Buying tickets online has a number of advantages:

         1. Passengers can view the bus schedule Lviv Peremyshl in real time, find out the availability of seats, luggage conditions, etc.

         2. You can also set up alerts on your smartphone for changes in the schedule or pricing to prepare for your upcoming trip in advance. In addition, such services are a favourable option for travellers, as they periodically offer discounts and promotional codes.

         3. All the tickets issued by Lviv Przemyśl through your personal account are stored in your smartphone, and you just need to show them to the driver when you board the bus.

         4. Apps and websites save your purchase history, data on saved trips and other useful information, which allows you to book tickets for the saved routes in the future.

On the INFOBUS website, the price of a bus ticket Lviv-Premysl is 500 UAH. If you wish, you can also book return tickets immediately here, as well as book seats for other trips to Polish cities.

Study the bus schedule Lviv Przemyśl and get ready for the trip

The largest number of international buses depart from Lviv, which will quickly and comfortably cross the border and take passengers to their destination. This city is known for its ancient architecture, rich religious and cultural heritage. Before you go on your trip, be sure to take time to stroll through the ancient medieval streets, listen to the legends of the Lion City, and view it from the High Castle. Here are some interesting sights worth seeing:

         1. The Town Hall is the symbol of the city, located on Rynok Square. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions and has an observation deck from which you can see the historic city centre.

         2. Rynok Square is the heart of Lviv, as well as the centre of political, cultural and historical events. It is here that most of the coffee shops, restaurants and souvenir shops are located.

         3. Lychakiv Cemetery is a unique museum-reserve with ancient and modern tombstones, graves of prominent personalities, historical and cultural monuments. This attraction attracts tourists from all over the world.

         4. St George's Cathedral is a famous religious building in the city. It is best to visit it on weekends when there is a service. This way you will get unforgettable impressions and emotions.

         5. Dominican Cathedral is another iconic representative of Lviv's majestic architecture. It has the largest number of photos taken by tourists.

         6. Stryiskyi Park is one of the largest, most beautiful and oldest parks not only in Lviv but also in Europe. It is always beautiful and cosy here, regardless of the season.

When buying bus tickets Lviv Przemyśl, you should also learn about this Polish town. It is located just 12 km from the border with Ukraine, so most international flights to Europe pass through the city. Przemyśl is located in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship of Poland, and its remarkable historical and cultural attractions attract tourists from all over the world. Among them is a medieval fortress that has been preserved since the 12th century.

The Cathedral of St John the Baptist is another prominent landmark of the city. This majestic Gothic church was built in the 14th century and was one of the important religious centres of the region. Its observation deck offers a great view of the city. The city also has many museums, churches, parks, palaces and other fascinating places. Przemyśl is a great city for tourists who want to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of medieval Europe. The price for the bus Lviv Przemyśl is indicated on the INFOBUS website. It may vary depending on the route, season, transfers and other factors. Check the schedule, availability and book your tickets today!

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How can you buy bus tickets Lviv-Przemysl?

You can purchase tickets for the route Lviv-Przemysl at Set the ticket search parameters specify the departure and arrival city, as well as the departure and return date. Among all available flights with free seats given by the system, select the most suitable one, book a ticket and pay for it online.

Are there any restrictions on travel?

Ticket search has no time limit, but we recommend booking tickets Lviv-Przemysl in advance to avoid a shortage of available seats. You can also search for tickets on the day of departure. The system will provide a list of all flights with free seats at the time of search.

How long before departure to look for a ticket Lviv-Przemysl?

As the demand for tickets has increased several times in recent weeks, we recommend that you buy your tickets Lviv-Przemysl at least 3 days before your trip, because there is a good chance that all seats will be sold out.

Is it cheaper to travel with connections or a direct flight?

Depending on where you are departing from and where you are going to, the cost of a direct ticket may vary. It is better to try several options: direct flight Lviv-Przemysl or connecting flights.

Is it beneficial to purchase tickets Lviv-Przemysl-Lviv?

Yes, carriers often provide discounts for different categories of people pensioners, children, students, group travel, etc.. This information is also available near each flight Lviv-Przemysl.

How much would a ticket cost Lviv-Przemysl?

Ticket price Lviv-Przemysl may vary by 50%, depending on the carrier, route and availability/absence of connections.

How long does it take to get to the city Przemysl?

The flight Lviv-Przemysl with connecting flight takes from 1 hour 45 min. before 9 hour.

How often do the Lviv-Przemysl buses leave?

From the city of Lviv, most buses depart daily. Some carriers have a separate schedule with designated departure days. For details, contact customer service at

How long does the bus wait at the border Poland?

Border crossing Poland depends on the situation at checkpoints. Sometimes it can take up to several hours.

Which carriers make departures Lviv-Przemysl?

Buses in the direction Lviv-Przemysl run daily from the carriers: «Denysivka Lux», «Forum», «Sultan-Travel», «SPARTAK-TRANS», «Eastern European Travel».

What brands of buses make the trips?

The fleet of each carrier is available at You can familiarize yourself with them at the description of each specific flight Lviv-Przemysl, by clicking on the active link with the name of the carrier.

What train stations do buses depart from?

Flights Lviv-Przemysl are standard from the bus station: Bus Station, Railway Station, Bus stop, Bus Station "Dvirtsevyi", Paid parking near the pizzeria "Pizza 0-24".

Where in Ukraine can you take a bus to the city of Przemysl?

Log in to the "Countries" section of and the system will give you a list of all the cities Ukraine from which you can get to Przemysl.

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