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1. Check the schedule

Select the means of transport, indicate the point of departure / arrival and the date of trip.

2. Select a route

Compare prices, choose a convenient time and place and pay attention to the carrier's rating.

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Fill in the passenger details, be sure to check the information and pay for the order.

4. Everything is ready!

Print or save your ticket. After the trip, we will be glad to get a review from you.

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1. All tickets are available online

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Traveler reviews of carriers
14.07.2024, 11:20
GRAND BUSIvano-Frankivsk - Kraków

Absolutely great! One thing you should know - you are NOT allowed to eat your own food, they give theirs. For me personally - it was the only disadvantage, because I do not eat white bread with pork and butter. Everithing else is ofthe highest…

13.07.2024, 18:35
Ion Turcan 5,0
FIRMA GALIZ-SV S.R.L.Бухарест - Кишинев

Serviciul de transport e super, şoferi calificați, atenți, atocarul e super comod un SCANIA euro 6 cu emisii de noxe reduse pentru protejarea mediului, + climatizare , wi-fi , prize USB la scaun, s-au încadrat în timpul menționat pe sit, ba chiar şi mai devreme.…

12.07.2024, 11:18
Angheluta Vitalina5,0
FIRMA GALIZ-SV S.R.L.Bucuresti Otopeni airport - Chișinău

Autocarul s-a prezentat la timp, era curat, pe parcursul călătoriei am avut acces la internet și un mare plus, este posibil de încărcat telefonul . Am rămas mulțumită de călătorie și de serviciile companiei, (pt ca am fost nevoită să schimb ora rutei din cauza…

10.07.2024, 00:59
HeybusКиїв - Варшава

The driving team was fine! All the declared means were available. Only Wi-Fi in Poland did not work (at least for my smartphone). The only serious problem not connester to Heybus is the time to cross the Polish border We waited in line for 10…

09.07.2024, 11:29
Iulia Bat5,0
FIRMA GALIZ-SV S.R.L.Bucuresti - Chișinău

Domnul șofer a avut o atitudine corectă, umană pentru toți pasagerii. Deși în autobus erau două doamne care toată noaptea au făcut gălăgie, au deranjat, au vorbiy și indecent, dumnealui s-a comportat destul de tolerant. Am ajuns bine, corespunzător graficului. Autocarul curat, confortabil! Mulțumim!

06.07.2024, 20:07
Natalia Burlakova 4,0

The driver is professional, there are no questions about the quality of the buses, as well as to the staff. Unfortunately, we arrived very late due to traffic jams and work on the road. But this could have been ok if we had arrived at…

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