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Bus tickets Uzhgorod - Bratislava

Book bus tickets Uzhgorod - Bratislava on Find out the ticket prices and timetable of buses from Uzhgorod. Low prices from carriers for coaches Uzhgorod - Bratislava. Plan your trip to the city Bratislava, Slovakia with us.

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Uzhhorod is a picturesque town and the capital of Transcarpathia, located in western Ukraine near the borders with Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. This has led to a unique mix of cultures, making Uzhhorod a unique city. Despite being the smallest regional centre in Ukraine, there are dozens of daily bus services to different parts of Europe, including the Uzhhorod Bratislava bus.

The city was part of various empires and countries, such as Hungary, Austria-Hungary, and Czechoslovakia, which left an imprint on its architecture, culture, and traditions, which is why there are always many tourists who want to get to know Uzhhorod better. There are many interesting locations here that are definitely worth a visit:

          - Uzhhorod Castle;

          - Skansen ;

          - Botanical garden;

          - synagogue ;

          - linden alley;

          - Hill of Glory;

          - Art Museum named after Y. Bokshay;

          - Horyany Rotunda.

Ungvar is also a city of delicious coffee, ancient architecture and wonderful small mini-sculptures. Tourists and locals of Ungvar call it a "city that falls in love". Be sure to take a stroll through its streets before you embark on your trip to Slovakia.

Where to buy a ticket Uzhhorod Bratislava?

Bratislava is one of the youngest capitals in Europe. It harmoniously combines modern shopping centres, cobbled streets and old castles. The city has a small area, so you can visit the main attractions on foot in 1-2 days. The capital of Slovakia is also a popular transport connection between Eastern and Western Europe, and people often travel from here to Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, and more. You can book tickets to Bratislava and other cities on the INFOBUS website. The distance between Uzhhorod and Bratislava is 555 km, and the duration of bus trips is 9-11 hours, including border crossings.

According to UNESCO, the capital of Slovakia has the largest number of castles and palaces per capita. Historical sights, museums, magnificent architecture and modern districts of Bratislava attract millions of tourists. Here are the main attractions and most interesting locations that are definitely worth a visit:

         1. The Old Town is an atmospheric part of the capital. Many of Bratislava's attractions are located here. Local guides advise travellers to visit a literary coffee shop with painted ceilings, taste tea liqueur, and take an hour-long tour in a retro car.

         2. Mykhalski Gate is the only gate that has survived from the Middle Ages. It used to be the entrance to the Old Town. The tower with the gate was rebuilt several times, and in the XVIII century a statue of St Michael and a dragon appeared on its top.

         3. The City Museum has several interesting exhibitions, but tourists are more attracted to the observation deck on its tower. You have to go up to the sixth floor, which offers a great view of the Old Town, the castle and the surrounding area.

         4. Roland's Fountain - also called the Maximilian Fountain. It is one of the oldest fountains in Slovakia and is located on the main square of the city.

         5. Bratislava Castle is a monumental quadrangular structure that embodies the entire history of Slovakia. It houses the National Museum, which hosts various exhibitions, and has a beautiful park in its courtyard. The terrace and towers offer panoramic views of the city and the Danube.

         6. St. Martin's Cathedral is the largest Gothic church in the city, which began to be built in the XIII century. From 1563 to 1830, almost all the kings of the Austro-Hungarian Empire were crowned here. The top of the spire is decorated with a golden cushion with an exact copy of the Hungarian royal crown.

There are also many souvenir shops where you can buy gifts for friends and family, as well as cosy cafes where you can relax and try local dishes. Bratislava is a great place for both a romantic couple's holiday and a family week-long break. The capital of Slovakia is rapidly gaining popularity among tourists from all over Europe, because the prices here are not too high, and the infrastructure is not worse than in neighbouring countries.

Buy abus ticket Uzhhorod Bratislava on the INFOBUS website. Here you can find out the ticket price, seat availability, information about the route and duration of the trip. On INFOBUS you can also book seats for other popular destinations Uzhhorod-Budapest, Uzhhorod-Lviv, Uzhhorod-Pilsen, Mukachevo-Bratislava, Vienna-Bratislava, etc. Choose a carrier and book your tickets today!

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How to purchase bus tickets Uzhgorod-Bratislava?

To do this, you need to go to and directly on its main page select the point and date of departure and arrival, and then click on the "search" button. The page will be automatically updated and you will receive a ready list of available routes Uzhgorod-Bratislava for the dates that suit you.

Are there any restrictions on traveling to the destination?

At the moment Uzhgorod-Bratislava can be reached without restrictions, but it is recommended to read in advance about restrictions from carriers on each specific flight

When is the best time to look for a ticket Uzhgorod-Bratislava?

You can search for a ticket Uzhgorod-Bratislava even on the day of departure. The system will give you a list of all flights that still have seats available. However, to avoid a shortage of seats, we recommend that you search for tickets as early as possible.

Is it better to take a direct flight or a connecting flight to Bratislava?

From Uzhgorod to Bratislava it is more profitable to travel non-stop. The availability of connections is indicated by the carrier in the flight description.

Is it beneficial to purchase tickets Uzhgorod-Bratislava-Uzhgorod?

Discounts are valid only for return tickets Uzhgorod-Bratislava and are available only on certain carriers. To receive the discount, you must buy round-trip tickets in one order for one passenger. Detailed information about discounted flights can be obtained from our support team

How much would a ticket cost Uzhgorod-Bratislava?

Bus tickets Uzhgorod-Bratislava cost differently, depending on the carrier, route and whether there are transfers/connections.

How long does it take to get to the city Bratislava?

Flight duration Uzhgorod-Bratislava - from 7 hour before 12 hour 20 min..

How often do the Uzhgorod-Bratislava buses leave?

At the moment several departures are available Uzhgorod-Bratislava. However, the situation may change over time due to new carriers joining the system or changes in the flights of our current partners.

How fast does the bus pass the border Slovakia?

Passing at the border Slovakia depends on which checkpoint you pass through, the number of vehicles queuing in front of your bus and the shift at the checkpoint.

Which carrier takes the route Uzhgorod-Bratislava?

Detailed information about each flight Uzhgorod-Bratislava is available, including the name of the carrier, exact route and conditions of travel/refund, rules of transportation of luggage/animals, etc. We have done everything to make your choice as easy as possible, but if you still have any questions/clarifications, please contact our 24/7 support team at your convenience.

What kind of buses do they take?

For trips Uzhgorod-Bratislava, single or double-decker buses of European class are provided as standard. You can find more precise information about the vehicle on a particular route while choosing each available option, including even photos.

Where in the city of Uzhgorod can you catch the bus Uzhgorod-Bratislava?

Buses to Uzhgorod-Bratislava run every day and depart from: Bus Station, Near supermarket "Silverland", Railway Station

Where else in Ukraine do buses to Bratislava depart from ?

A list of cities Ukraine with bus connections to Bratislava can be viewed in the "Countries" section of Select Ukraine from the list of countries and the system will give you a complete list of cities.

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