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Bus tickets Krakow - Lviv

Krakow and Lviv are popular tourist and cultural centres in Poland and Ukraine. They have numerous architectural monuments, historical sites and cultural traditions that attract tourists. That is why the Krakow-Lviv route is in great demand. Both cities have a well-developed transport infrastructure, which makes it easy to travel between them. Dozens of flights are operated daily by Krakow-Lviv carriers, which allow you to get to your destination quickly, comfortably and without transfers.

You canbuy a ticket Krakow-Lviv not only at the railway station ticket office but also on the INFOBUS website. Here you can find the current schedule, prices, and buy tickets for the routes Krakow-Warsaw, Lviv-Warsaw, Krakow-Prague, Lviv-Kyiv, Krakow-Katowice. Tickets can be issued a few hours, days or weeks before departure.

Route Lviv-Krakow: getting ready for your trip

Both cities have impressive architecture that reflects their rich historical heritage. In Krakow, you can explore medieval buildings such as the Rynok and Wawel Castle, while Lviv is famous for its architectural heritage from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Both Krakow and Lviv regularly host a variety of cultural events, festivals, concerts and exhibitions. Lviv, for example, is known for its theatre and music scene, while Krakow is often the venue for international festivals and cultural events. In addition, both cities are famous for their delicious food and unique gastronomic culture.

The bus will cover thedistance Lviv - Krakow in 5-6 hours, taking into account the border crossing. You can go from Krakow by train or car, but it is better to choose a regular bus from INFOBUS because of its advantages:

- affordable price;

- frequency of flights;

- flexible departure schedules;

- direct routes without transfers;

- the ability to book, return or exchange a ticket online.

Almost every bus Krakow-Lviv has comfortable travel conditions (soft seats, free Wi-Fi and other passenger amenities).

The old capital of Poland, Krakow, is located on the picturesque banks of the Vistula River. The city has a thousand-year history with powerful kings who, according to legend, defeated the dragon. Today, the city is dominated by a modern and student-friendly atmosphere that combines the pomp of the Middle Ages, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Thousands of people from all over the world come to this place because of the fortifications, historical monuments, unique sculptures, music festivals, street performances, fortifications, jazz clubs and various themed restaurants.

Bus Krakow-Lviv: schedule and price

The INFOBUS website publishes bus ticket prices, schedules and routes. Sometimes the price of a bus Krakow-Lviv may vary depending on the carrier, season, availability of transfers, etc. Krakow is considered one of the oldest cities in Poland, famous for its rich history and charming architecture. It is known for a large number of museums, restaurants, and other interesting locations, making it an attractive destination for European walks. The city has an active transport interchange, with buses running not only from the bus station but also from other tourist hubs, for example,
people travelling by plane and making a connection can catch a bus to Lviv at Krakow Airport.

The INFOBUS website provides detailed information on buses, prices, discounts, luggage, etc. You can buy bus tickets Krakow-Lviv online by checking the schedule and seat availability. When buying virtual tickets Krakow-Lviv, you don't have to worry about getting them lost, because they will be in your smartphone, and when boarding, you just need to show the barcode to the controller and take your seat. A safe and comfortable trip by bus Krakow-Lviv will be the key to an interesting journey!

What can you see in Lviv?

Lviv is not only the cultural centre of western Ukraine, but also one of the most tourist cities in Europe, which has close ties with other countries. Every building, street or church is imbued with the spirit of antiquity, fascinating with its diversity and unique historical value. Tourists who come to Lviv on excursions primarily visit the following locations:

- City Hall;

- Opera House;

- Dominican Cathedral;

- Museum and coffee mine;

- Armenian Cathedral;

- High Castle;

- House of Legends;

- Cathedral of St. George.

The city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can buy colourful souvenirs in the local shops, and taste excellent coffee and chocolate in numerous coffee shops. Another hallmark of Lviv is its various legends and stories. Lviv is known for its hospitality, and the locals are always smiling
and are ready to help with any questions.

Every hour, flights to Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany and other countries depart from local bus stations. You can find out more about their schedules and prices on the INFOBUS website.

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Route on map

How from Krakow quickly reach the center of Lviv in 2024. Routes of buses on the map with stops. From where do the coaches in Krakow depart and where they arrive at Lviv. Travel time by bus: how many hours coach go to Ukraine, the distance in kilometers.


How to purchase bus tickets Krakow-Lviv?

Tickets for all destinations are sold on our website To buy a ticket for the flight Krakow-Lviv it is necessary to log in to the site, specify the parameters of bus search departure and arrival places together with dates, choose the most suitable one from the list of found flights, book and pay for the ticket online.

Are there any restrictions on traveling to the destination?

There are currently no restrictions on the route Krakow-Lviv. However, individual restrictions are set by carriers, based on the conditions of transportation and transport. Please refer to the flight description to familiarize yourself with the travel restrictions.

How many days before the trip is it best to look for tickets?

The system provides all possible flights Krakow-Lviv with free seats, even when searching on the day of departure, but we recommend booking as early as possible.

Is it cheaper to choose a direct flight Krakow-Lviv or with connections?

Depending on where you are departing from and where you are going to, the cost of a direct ticket may vary. It is better to try several options: direct flight Krakow-Lviv or connecting flights.

Is it beneficial to purchase tickets Krakow-Lviv-Krakow?

It is always better to buy Krakow-Lviv round trip tickets, so you can save up to 50% of the return ticket price.

What does the price of bus tickets depend on?

The cost of a ticket Krakow-Lviv varies and depends on the carrier company that operates that flight, its route, etc.

How long is the drive?

Following the route Krakow-Lviv, the total travel time may be from 5 hour 40 min. before 11 hour 15 min.. Travel time varies depending on transfers as well as possible long queues at the checkpoint.

How often do buses leave the city Krakow?

Flights to Krakow-Lviv generally operate every day.

How long does the bus wait at the border Ukraine?

It is extremely difficult to accurately predict the time spent at the border Ukraine, as the situation is extremely unstable. As a standard, the carrier includes in the declared "travel time" the minimum necessary downtime, but we always emphasize to passengers that when planning a trip, it is better to leave a reserve of time in case of force majeure.

Which carrier takes the route Krakow-Lviv?

There are quite a few flights available in our system for the route Krakow-Lviv from different carriers: «Mykolayivske ATP-14627», «Avtotranzit», «Nasorokh TOV», «P-Trans», «LYS-AVTO-TRANS», «Efremeniuk A.L.», «Oberniak A.P.», «Svistun B.R.», «Sultan-Travel», «West-Travel S.R.O», «Denysivka Lux», «Lvivske ATP 14630», «FOP Ostapchuk», «Kaluzhenov V.V.», «FOP Stefaniv», «LEV-BUS», «Gelios», «Phenix Sp.z.o.o.», «FOP Zakala», «Ostapchuk FOP», «Prykarpatskyy Express», «Brintsov», «TzOV TOPUKRAINE», «Orionbus», «TERNOPILSKE ATP 16127 PrAT», «Modultrans», «TOV EURO TRANS M», «Andanastrans.s.r.o.», «Mandrivnyk Prykarpattia», «FOP Lekhman A.I», «West-Travel s.r.o.», «Asik Sp.z.o.o.», «Wencel Tour Sp.z.o.o.», «TRANSGRUP», «Vasilkivtransavto», «», «Winew», «Pishchanske ATP 10540», «Menyok FOP», «BoNBuS», «AVD-TRANS», «VasilkivTransAvto», «LuxBus», «Menyok N.I. FOP», «Avtotranzit», «TocoBus», «Avtokombinat-1 OOO», «Павлюкс-Транс», «Vital euro trans», «Eastern European Travel», «Elite Express Sp. z o.o.», «ФОП Махортов В.М.», «ТОВ "ЯГУАР АВТО-ТРАНС"», «GRAND BUS», «Royal-Company».

What buses run between Krakow and Lviv?

All detailed information is listed directly next to each flight Krakow-Lviv at the selection stage, and if you have any additional questions, you can ask our support team.

At which stations can you take the bus Krakow-Lviv?

Buses Krakow-Lviv depart from: Bus Station MDA, Parking Wawel, Bus Station "Czyżyny", Muzeum Armii Krajowej.

How to get from Poland to the city of Lviv?

In the "Countries" section of, select the country Poland and the system will give you a list of all major cities from which buses run, including the city Lviv.

Passenger reviews about trip

  • 5,0
    Lviv - Rzeszow

    Smooth ride, everything on schedule

  • 5,0
    Lviv - Krakow Airport

    Fast and professionell

  • 5,0
    Lviv - Rzeszow airport

    It went upon schedule all along the trip

  • 5,0
    Rzeszow - Lviv

    Very pleasant journey

  • 5,0
    Львів - Ряшів аeропорт

    Excellent crossing, driver chose border crossing that was virtually empty. Driver explained what will be happening every time, stayed with us through the border crossing. Polite and approachable. Good WiFi on Polish side

  • 5,0
    Krakow - Lviv

    Pretty good. Relatively on time although the Wi-Fi didn't always work.

  • 4,0
    Львів - Люблін

    Everything was ok

  • 5,0
    Rzeszow - Lviv

    Very smooth travel, punctual arrival despite a long wait at the border.

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